ORGANIC KITCHEN GARDEN HYBRID in Tampa’s Top Golf Course Community

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An Edible Garden to make the homeowners happy and a careful approach to keep the homeowners association (and the golfers) content as well. We chose the natural shape of a leaf, rather than a traditional rectangular formal garden style so that it won’t look messy, if symmetry is ever out of alignment . We created what will be a gorgeous barrier of sweet almond and native Firebush to create privacy from the golf course and incorporated all of the most beautiful compact fruiting and spice trees, as well as a mix of perennial and seasonal annual vegetables and herbs within the beds, along with support plants & edible/beneficial tropical species.

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24 Responses

  1. Justin Rhodes says:

    Amazing job!

  2. susan catterson says:

    So interested in your garden and your channel . #Justin Rhodes family sent me glad they did.

  3. GardenFairyQueen says:

    Super! So creative with the leaf form.

  4. Sansa Stark says:

    Pete the herb/kitchen garden turned out stunning! Just beautiful.

  5. Jim Purdy says:

    Way to Go man!
    Your liven the dream Pete.

  6. Stephanie Sky says:

    This garden is so BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Someone New says:

    That is an amazingly beautiful, simple/elegant design that I promise I'll steal from your minds' eye in a couple years!

  8. connie frye says:

    Beautiful,just beautiful.

  9. Jeff says:

    Great Share Pete ! Love it…could be the start of a shift in thinking for higher end HOA's 🙂

  10. Mama T says:


  11. Derrick Orberg says:

    Well done Pete. I hope you have continued successes with HOA environments. Being an HOA Manager I can appreciate the care and time this took outside of the planning and planting for this client. I am actually encouraging an Association to do a Permaculture plan across the HOA. Maybe we can talk on your next tour. Enjoy!

  12. Lovin' Life says:

    Wow! Love it!

  13. Fruit Fuels Freedom Jason Kvestad says:

    Que bonito

  14. What's Ripening? says:

    sweet! love the leaf pattern, nice and tidy too.

  15. 1994abbygirl says:

    Love it! Been off for a few days, had major computer problems! Blessings

  16. C C says:

    Stunning! Nice Job and I love the drone shots too. You all go really nice work!

  17. Hulagu Kahn says:

    Awesome Bro; now every neighbor is gonna want one too.

  18. James NYC says:

    Beautiful project.

  19. Red Tankgirl says:

    I'm not a fan of home owner associations myself but you did a beautiful job Pete. A food forest as a show piece. They won't be able to get their neighbors to eat at home now, lol. Nice work Pete.

  20. NIcaeaacademy says:

    Well done!  When's your book coming out?

  21. cxvd7 says:

    Looks great!

  22. Sas du Plessis says:

    Nice! Well done! Your filming is skyrocketing! Nice music. Really getting professional, aren't you Pete!?
    Enjoy watching your stuff. Also like the length of your vids. I can fit them in without feeling that I have wasted a lot of time "procrastinating" on YouTube!
    All the best! (See you're approaching the 4000 mark!)

  23. Steve's Outdoor World says:

    Pete you are an artist.once the neighbors see your work you will never get any rest.great job Pete your the man.S.D.


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