P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home Tour and Interview | Moss Mountain Farm in Arkansas Video

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A rare look inside P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home in Arkansas with the lifestyle expert himself!

Here’s video and pictures of a private tour of Moss Mountain Farm, Smith’s personal home, as well as a guided tour from the PBS host himself through his famous gardens.

Hear P. Allen Smith explain how he got started in television, how his interest in chickens started with a visit to a Cato’s store, and what role he played in rescuing a horse from a medical lab.

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5 Responses

  1. Geri Gowers says:

    Distracted by the crackling in the background. Otherwise, enjoyed the content.

  2. Vernice Berry says:

    I would to visit your farm but need to know if i need reservations and other things i might need to know about visiting. I live in Missouri.

  3. Mirah Harrison says:

    I live in Kentucky. Come on over and help me with mine please! Your new place is gorgeous.

  4. Jean Ricketts says:

    Smith is a man of vision ,deligence,and accomplishment

  5. Ron VERMONT says:

    Love the total farm , WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE THE BOOK ON HOME & book on the Garden ?

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