Penn State offering ‘Gender Fellow’ role in agriculture program

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13 Responses

  1. Faye Gwenn says:

    Breaking News: Recent research shows that 76% of plants grow faster when watered by men due to gender roles and toxic masculinity in the field of agriculture

  2. joseph breaux says:

    What the hell does any of this gender bullshit have anything to do with growing food. More of this left-wing leftist progressive bullshit to screw everything up

  3. houdini8845 says:

    Marxism must be rooted out and exterminated. No more deals or debates, just say no to leftism.

  4. David Moore says:

    Penn….the state of rampid pedos and pedo rings…..

  5. Erectus Maximus says:

    No wonder your students get stuck with college loans they can't pay back or find jobs once they graduate.

  6. Right to fight back RTFB says:

    Seriously y do we fund colleges?!

    The plants dnt care if you’re a woman or man farmer.

  7. halfasheep says:

    Decadence – America did not put a stop to the University activism. America will pay the ultimate price.

  8. Planet Mikusha says:

    How are future farmers going to breed animals if they are taught gender is a social construct?

  9. misio87 says:

    Trump should do, what Jair is doing with the educational system in Brazil.

  10. The Triggering says:

    More useless qualifications which no legitimate self respecting business would hire you..

  11. CrittingOut says:

    Epic student debt momento!!

  12. Roger Jennings says:

    Improve the lives of women by having them work on the farms. Make up your minds leftists….please.

  13. Sam202 says:

    Why are you spamming. That is poor YouTube etiquette.

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