PepsiCo’s Sustainable Farming Initiative in India ,Agro World 2018

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As part of PepsiCo’s ‘Performance with Purpose Vision’, sourcing our agricultural ingredients sustainably is important for the growth of our business, food safety and to support crop resilience for continued and localised supply. India clearly is an integral part of our sustainable sourcing agenda. As part of our continued commitment, we plan to invest $5 million by 2020, for expanding the Sustainable Farming Programme in India.

For PepsiCo, sourcing our agricultural ingredients responsibly and sustainably is important for the continued growth of our business, to help ensure food safety, and support crop resilience for continued and localized supply. We rely on farmers around the world to provide the oranges used for our Tropicana orange juice, the oats for our Quaker products and the potatoes for our Lay’s chips, as well as dozens of other ingredients for our products.

As well as engaging farmers through our sourcing, we provide relevant expertise to help advance the ways in which farming is carried out around the world. This benefits individual farmers and the communities that rely on them, while helping protect our license to operate.

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