Permaculture Paradise Costa Rica: Rare Fruits, Native Bees + More

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We are back for part 2 in Tambor, Costa Rica with a couple of our favorite botanical masters, Brendon McKeon & Christian Vargas. If you missed part 1, you can find it here –

This incredible tropical Paradise boasts quite the collection of exotic fruits, spices, flowers, herbs… plus an epic veggie garden!

Christian Vargas is a native to Costa Rica & we got the lucky chance to meet him & check out his incredible homestead, thanks to Brendon McKeon of Natural Living Designs & Eco Oasis’ YouTube channel. Brendon co-hosts this tour as a great friend to Christian & not only is he our trusty translator, but he is the mastermind behind Natural Living Designs, a permaculture development design & build firm.

If you have questions, or would like to be in contact with Brendon, you can send an email to him at: [email protected]

If you missed our previous videos with Brendon McKeon, you can use the links here to watch:
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To see our full playlist for this trip, Costa Rica Permaculture Farm Tour 2.0 –
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It feels great to finally release the footage from our latest permaculture farm tour around Costa Rica! We had a lot of fun filming this trip back in April & we hope you enjoy the incredible content & breathtaking locations as well.

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40 Responses

  1. artichokez says:

    jaboticaba!! beautiful

  2. Tim Hogle says:

    Beautiful! Thanks!

  3. John Mcneill says:

    Check out AustralianNativeBees with Nate.

  4. Fruit Fuels Freedom Jason Kvestad says:

    Lol Christian is so unphased, I’d like to pick his brain.

  5. Fruit Fuels Freedom Jason Kvestad says:

    The gourd at 12:30 is poisonous I’ve been told my Ecuadorians, it is only used for the shell, making bowls and crafts.

  6. Hebert's World says:

    With every video i see in Costa Rica, i am asking myself why i don't live there yet!!

  7. rafiqa11 says:

    so gorgeous, peaceful.

  8. Food Foresters says:

    We really like your channel and have decided to tag you in the Love for Love challenge. We hope you take the challenge and share some of the channels you love.

  9. Christus Rex says:

    What an incredible person Christian is! It's obvious that for him growing things isn't only a mean of living but also a true passion! We need a special interview of this guy! I'm very curious about his history, how he came to this kind of philosophy, way of growing food…

  10. hummpty dummpty says:

    it sucks this guy doesn't do videos anymore… he is awesome!!! thanks Pete for getting him on!

  11. Machond says:

    beautiful homestead

  12. 93VIDEO says:

    Bravo From Paris … C'est très beau ^_^

  13. HF TL says:

    Really awesome demonstrations of abundance, love the air layering technique for the jaboticaba, and the globules of honey

  14. thechief762 says:

    At about 7:00 he describes the vine growing at the corner of the chicken pen which produces a "sack of potatoes". It is Dioscorea Trifida, also known as Yampi in Spanish. It produces a cluster of true tropical yams maybe one pound or so each. They are exported into the US from Costa Rica and are available at Hispanic grocery stores. You will usually find them with wax on the upper part of the tubers which looks like a "neck", that is to preserve them to keep them from drying out.

  15. Rob Holesko says:

    Hi Pete!

  16. G. Nash says:

    Does Christian sell some of his produce? I wonder if he plans to transfer that Jaboticaba tree in the barrel into the ground. If he will, it will grow bigger, but if he doesn’t..he can take it with him if he sells his property or move somewhere in the future. IS THERE PART 3 OF THIS? I want more like this.

  17. buckeyeshine says:

    thank you for the tour of this inspiring homestead !

  18. Tim McClure says:

    Thanks again Pete, you keep visiting some awesome farms out there. This is one of my favorites so far.

  19. Andrea says:

    Thank you Gentlemen! Christian has such a wonderful understanding and appreciation of his environment. He should write a book!

  20. The PinCushionMan says:

    Great idea! I already have dirt bike tire tools, now I just need the bees!

  21. Lucas Gabes says:

    Incredible things happening there, thanks for sharing!

  22. rctd06 says:

    Pete, You and your wife make so really good videos. I enjoyed

  23. Michele Sànchez says:

    I live in the tropics and would love to buy seeds, can you give recommendations? I am enjoying your videos. Please write the name of the fruits and vegetables so I can find out more about you mentioned a type of potato and I couldn't understand the name . THANKYOU from Puerto Rico! Cristian me encanta su casa…


    the naranjilla is called Lulo in my country

  25. Teri Jean says:

    Christian has such a deep passion for so many things! Air layering to multiply his production, such great passion for the earth! And all just a single step out his door, clean and healthy food for his family and a great example to his community and now the world. Pound dirt Christian and Brandon!

  26. The Simple Life says:

    I honor and appreciate Christian !!! Such an amazing man ! WOW….WOW…..WOW

  27. Lynn Plestid says:


  28. Elton Carvalho says:

    Hey Pete, I'd like to share with Christian something we do in Brazil, we have a big culture in rural comunities around stingless native bees. A research institute here has developed a Box for these kind of bees, it's easier to deal with the bees and getting the honey doesn't stress them a lot. Here are the links, maybe he would like to take a look as the last video showed that he's a science guy. It's in Portuguese but I think he can understand it, if not I can help with that.

    Thanks for sharing that place with us.

  29. Tim Box says:

    Que bonito su fincita y casa Christian! Un dia quisiera conocerlo. Tenemos finca en Leon, Nicaragua- un clima muy diferente. Maravilloso ver tu trabajo. Se puede ver tu alegria y orgullo de la finca 🙂

  30. Tim Box says:

    In Nicaragua, one can meet the Jicarao. They leave the seeds to dry out in the sun and ferment a little, and then they make a delicious drink called Semilla de Jicarao!

  31. Grow All The Fruits with Joe Hewitt says:

    Incredible. Totally incredible.

  32. Aaron Brooks says:

    Thank you Earth Stewards!! Bowing reverently to you beautiful beings.

  33. CustomGardenSolutions says:

    Great episode. Christian has an awesome thing going on there.

  34. Allan Turpin says:

    What was the fruit Brendon carried around the whole time but never got to?
    I wasn't aware of the varieties of bees that can be used to collect honey. So cool.
    Thanks Pete.

  35. Milkweed Dreams says:

    What an amazing steward Christian is, he truly feels the land and bounty…what's not to love, the bees, the orchids, the kids…he is truly blessed…!

  36. Woodrow W. says:

    Great video Pete it's a honour to get to see these truly badass farms. The B's blew my mind. Hello from Canada.

  37. Katrina Harvey says:

    He has a beautiful permaculture farm. I would love to taste that honey. I even love his ornamental plants.

  38. Nigel Kay says:

    Welcome back, brother! Great to see the Jaboticaba harvest and stoked to see his native bee set up.

  39. Miggs says:

    Brendon is very lucky to have Christian as a friend. This is priceless.

    Revelation 22:2 King James Version (KJV)
    2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

  40. Toco Lee says:

    This OG is teaching but very few listen to those in the know! PETE is OG in PERMACULTURE!

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