Planting Out The 3 Sisters Method

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In this episode of UK Here We Grow, Brian Bastable plants out the plants he sowed a few weeks ago. He has decided to try the Three Sister Method to grow his Squash, Corn and Ying Yang Beans this year.

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18 Responses

  1. Ross Moulton says:

    It's best to give the corn a head start so the other plants don't crowd it out. But great video. This is definitely a method that more people should try 🙂

  2. Roy Klevmyr says:

    Have you tried the no till method? Do you think it would work in your area.

  3. windwalker4170 says:

    Hi Brian,  Your garden bed looks really great!! I am trying 3 sister method for the first time. Thanks for all the info on how to. Great job!!  I'm  in America (Georgia), so our planting times are a little different but love all your helpful tips. I was wondering about your starter pods for seeds, I have not been able to find anything like those here. They look like they allow for a healthy root system.I like that you can open it without disturbing them. Do they have a name brand??    Thanks You and keep up the good work, Dee

  4. Geoffrey Chrisman says:

    What are the containers you start your seedlings in? I would love some of those.

  5. John James says:

    0:15 chemtrails thumbs up

  6. amy homsi says:

    nk you for sharing the video. would it be worth planting a few sweet pea as well in?

  7. Txnative7 says:

    Good point re the tiller.

  8. Margaret Brown says:

    hi hope you can help i have two mature blackcurrant bushes curld leaves at the tips and loads of tiny wee white puffs of flys . also in my greenhouse can i use a garlic spray dont want to use pestisides thank you mb

  9. Aaron's allotment says:

    That was an interesting video Brian. I was always told not to plant different varieties of sweetcorn together as they prefer their own company. I was also wondering if the beans would grow faster than the corn and need more support. Keep us updated how you get on mate. All the best.

  10. Antonio Pachowko says:

    Yin Yang beans are dwarf french beans and not a climber. It only grows to 45cm tops.

  11. Carrots and cosmos says:

    Great to see this in motion Brian. I have read a lot about it but not sure how it would translate in to a 1m squared bed. I am going to try underplanting my sweetcorn with some squash but had a nightmare with beans this year and also, like you say, will probably be too heavy for my corn…which is not looking good haha. Great video and something I will think about more seriously next year. Look forward to seeing how it works out :). Jazz.

  12. Foodie Laura says:

    That timelapse made an awful lot of work look very simple, great job. I'm also giving the 3 sisters method a go planting the bean seeds straight into the ground. Hopefully, the slugs stay off them!

  13. Ali In Spain says:

    Great job Brian, my Ying and Yang beans are just starting to show.

  14. Joe Scott says:

    Let us know exactly how much of that corn dies. Corn does not like to be transplanted. God Bless

  15. In the garden with Papa says:

    Great info and lesson Brian.


  16. Neil Martinez says:

    I'm always surprised to see the growing season in the UK. It is surprisingly different from the Northeast US. I would not normally plant beans this early in the season.

  17. Bearworf1 says:

    Hi Brian! Tried this last year and it grew/works very well. The only problem is raccoon destroyed all of my sweet corn. I planted squash and melon in with the corn. The buggers left the squash and beans alone but bit into all of the melons. Very nice set up you have there. That digging is a killer. lol Excellent video! Thanks, Steve

  18. 50 shades of green says:

    wow this is the first time I've seen the 3 sisters method in operation !! you can explain it 100 times but until you actually see it in the ground you don't actually appreciate the method !! thanks for sharing !! all the best !! as always happy with gardening !!

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