PM Modi’s Speech | Champions of the Earth Award Event

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi honoured with the United Nation’s highest environmental honour ‘Champions of The Earth Award’ on October 3, 2018. Accepting the award he said, it is a recognition of the people of India’s commitment to environmental protection.

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17 Responses

  1. Sujit Kumar says:

    manual scavenging pe kuch nahi bolta

  2. Sujit Kumar says:

    sawa sau crore

  3. Sujit Kumar says:

    jisko dekhna ho 10 mint baaad dekho

  4. Sujit Kumar says:

    modiji ye sab katha sunney nahi aaye

  5. Sujit Kumar says:

    bak baak baak sab bore Ho gaaye

  6. SUBODH KUMAR says:

    मोदी जी आप हमारे देश का शान और 2019 मे PM बनेगे

  7. ajit phasale says:

    Informed speech GREAT PM.

  8. Saleem Pasha says:

    jumle wala pm

  9. Shiva Hailaveni says:

    Garibo ka paise le kar businessman ko dera uskey liye award derey tere ku

  10. Joyfulness Forever. says:

    Modi is best icono ,me gusta mucho.

  11. Biswarup Chatterjee says:

    Go ahead sir…you are great

  12. Gaurkrishna Pandey says:

    Many many Congratulations PM Modi Ji

  13. Ashish Kumar Reddiwal says:

    Namo namo modi ji…

  14. Vivek Karan says:

    When the best man is ruling, everything is going best

  15. ayyppan krish says:

    Very good speech by modi ji Jay ho jay hind

  16. Vikas Maurya says:

    Congratulations modi ji

  17. Hindol Pathak9113 says:

    Actually champion of killing innocent,rape of minor girls,torturing poor by gst,price hike in petroleum & Gass.let uno such organisation who has not honour Gandhi or given noble prize due to Indian status under western clout.but Rabiendra nath Tagore,Amretyo sen,Dalai lama,mother tressa is not acceptable to lie lama.they are not actually patriot but Pak n these guy are not recognised by moditova.

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