Pouch Garden & Aquaponics Update + Theft from the Patch

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Pouch Garden / Aquaponics Update & Theft from the Patch.
G’Day Folks. Wasn’t able to finish off the clip I had planned for the week so here’s an edited version of an update that was posted for our Patreon & YouTube supporters.
Am hoping to post the renovation clip before next weekend & also have an aquaponics clip I want to film as well.
Hope you enjoy this update & your gardens are booming.
Cheers all. 🐟 🌱🍅

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28 Responses

  1. SSC says:

    I detest a thief!

  2. PRO bong says:

    think it may have been a sneaky garden gnome that stole your stuff

  3. Practical Primate says:

    Sorry to hear mate 🙁 bees are looking strong though. Easy to Re-box 😉

  4. Wedgetail Leather says:

    Sorry you got stolen from. If it's not bolted down they take it! Then again, Sometimes they bring spanners to undo bolts too, Like when someone took the entire tow bar and ball off my ute. Bastards.

  5. Amamda's city Homestead says:

    Hi. I was wondering what sort of bees are they? Are they Australian natives? (I am in Australia SE QLD). Are they the none stinging? It has taken me about 5yrs to see honey bees in my yard from tine to time, but eant to attract more to pollinate my plants. (It is annoying to do by hand all the time, lol). Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Bigelow Brook Farm (Web4Deb) says:

    I've been broken into a few times….now have security cameras!

  7. PW says:

    720p is fine – though I would prefer higher resolution. You have enough going on with the remodel without worrying about your YouTube followers. We'll be here waiting patiently for your future garden updates when things settle.

  8. The Telerion says:

    How do you deal with the grasshoppers? Appart from sand as soil that's our biggest issue.

  9. Sir John Shearer kt. says:

    Dang, sorry someone stole your stuff.

  10. Sir John Shearer kt. says:

    Sorry, this is a few days late but Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. Jeanette Waverly says:

    It's hard being an off-site manager, especially when unscrupulous folks take advantage of your absence. Be that as it may, I wish you and yours a superbly Happy New Year and swift progress on the renovation.

  12. G Vas says:

    OMG….I would be pissed too….people…no matter what part of the world may one live, there are always those who chose to be dumb and take other people's property. Not cool….
    God bless you and may He return to you 10 fold what was stolen.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. My Gardening Journey says:

    That's so annoying. The last thing you need having things stolen. I gave up my first allotment because people kept stealing my crops. My new place is much better.

  14. SGrayMe says:

    As much as speculating about a foolish wannabe fishkeeper might be fun, chances are, they nicked the chemicals because they figured they could make money re-selling them. It doesn't matter the stuff isn't brand-new, just make up a plausible story for a potential buyer. And I totally get the frustration of having a "minor" theft. I'm lucky that being targeted a few months ago turned out to be bad news for the thief, because their own bad decisions made it easy for them to be caught. I lost maybe $10 of misc first aid supplies (removed from my property, no confrontation), while they got jail time and likely a couple hundred dollars more debt. It's just another life event mostly in the past now, don't have much feeling about it, but it made a perfect case in point of all the times I told my son that we lock things up to stop/slow the one selfish person among the hundred good people.

  15. Caribe Castaway says:

    Very disturbing to have theft in the garden, Wait till they clear out your produce that you've waited so long to ripen. Happened to me on more than one occasion. Best of luck going forward.

  16. ShyThinker videos says:

    hi there,i began a gardening channel where i teach how to grow some trees from seed and other vegetables,if you feel interested take a little time to make a visit

  17. Brad Griffin says:


  18. goforgreenliving says:

    Sorry you were stolen from the world is changing some believe they disserve your stuff I had to put up security cameras

  19. 50 shades of green says:

    excellent video today my gardening friend !!

  20. Munirah Bakar says:

    Sorry to find out about the theft. My house had been broken in before. It's one thing losing stuff but the heeby jeebies I felt thinking about some stranger/s walking about in my home never really went away.

  21. Igor Schmidlapp says:

    Just shows how Nature punishes neglect from those who try to tame it. Nature cares nothing for your schedule. Not a knock, that's just how it is, and something for all potential growers to keep in mind.

    Oh… and people suck… the worst garden pests to control… 🙁

  22. Google Fucking Sucks! says:

    Sadly, they decided they needed it more than you.
    Would You string up critters that obsconded with any of your harvest, or would you admit it's a good thing to share stuff, of which you have more than you Need?

  23. Christian hermida says:

    Damn dad that beard needs trimming haha

  24. J. Donoghue says:

    Total scuzbuckets who nick from others…

  25. McDowall Manor says:

    Some bugger who has an aquaponics set up – or at least fish. Still, they could have taken your pumps so that's something.

  26. Frank Kopke says:

    Didn't they use to string thieves up? Maybe time we brought back that sort of a system,,,Gotta stop the number of recidivists at least.

  27. Southpaw Davey urban farm. says:

    Sorry to see some bugger nicked your kits mate.. Hair ball LOL

  28. James Ryan says:

    Wow this is great

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