Primitive Technology – Eating delicious – Smart boy cooking Green mango with chili salt

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In this video show the Primitive Technology – Eating delicious – Smart boy cooking Green mango with chili salt please subscribe me to support this smart boy thank you.

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24 Responses

  1. 김가루 says:

    자발스럽게 쳐먹고있네. .

  2. Squirt Reynolds says:

    Nobody wants to see these sweaty dirty kids eat

  3. N N says:

    No cooking whatsoever

  4. Amandah Silvah says:

    kkkkkk todos eles comem fazendo barulho ..nossa

  5. Amandah Silvah says:

    eu ja comi manga verde com sal e pimenta do reino é uma delícia

  6. B Dogg says:

    Much healthier than Takis and Hot Cheetos

  7. Anggie Febrianinda says:


  8. Betânia Oliveira says:

    Mais come binitinho

  9. Betânia Oliveira says:

    Que cardápio horrível credo

  10. Rico g says:

    Ok. So they're not cooking the mango. Just eating it with chilli.
    Please stop that kid from making those monkey noises, it's cringy.

  11. Hbzhmv Ghdhkvc says:

    Manga VERDE com Pimenta credo

  12. Lil Yes says:

    شو هل القعدة الحلوة وصوت اممممم شهونا خليلي القطقيط الحلوين اللي عم ياكلوا حار ههههه

  13. Rhoda Zara says:

    the 0nly 0ne i d0n't Like t0 them wen they eating with s0und…they cann0t ate quite….

  14. albertorafaela83 says:

    Los voy a invitar a Mexico para k aprendan mucho de como cortar cosas a la altura eso no me impresiona ni la guadaña o machete saben usar k pobres andan

  15. x F A C K Y U x says:

    Le va salir lumbre por el culo

  16. Conggosan Mr says:

    Where's the girl who used to cook local delicious meal ?

  17. levy cabrera says:

    No hace falta esforzarse en hacerse pasar por monos pues en realidad son monos. Pero monos descerebrados.

  18. Kpop é Vida says:

    Come de boca fechada pelo amor de Deus

  19. aricka jones says:

    Wondering what that would do if you bring them KFC

  20. Darin Hilton says:

    Over acting

  21. Yumy Shita says:

    What country is this?

  22. Anthony a says:

    Sounds like when I’m stepping on mud

  23. Esaul44 says:

    Why is that kid making noises like a monkey?

  24. DanieL baCaLso BbJason says:

    I love it soo yummy .

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