PROOF Oil IS NOT a Fossil Fuel (Petroleum IS NOT Dinosaurs!! It’s Natural!!) | FE PROOF 43

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let’s discuss fossil fuels and oil beneath the flat earth!! oil is not what we are told. petroleum is a natural resource of this earth. i do not believe that fossil fuels takes millions of years to become oil. in this video we will explore alternate ideas on how oil is generated. scientist have even confirmed that oil can be produced by non organic origins. this is called abiotic and biotic oil.

this is part 3 of the video series beneath the earth is not what we were told. in the previous videos…we discussed lava, the core of the earth, tectonic plates, pangea, the deepest hole, the deepest exploration of the ocean depth, the abyss, and much more!! to watch the entire playlist click below.

for MUCH MORE information about whats BENEATH flat earth…CLICK BELOW!!

BENEATH Flat Earth!! (Explained in Detail) | ENTIRE SERIES [by Feed Your Mind]


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36 Responses

  1. Feed Your Mind says:

    Thanks 4 Stopping By!! for MUCH MORE information about whats BENEATH flat earth…CLICK BELOW!!

    BENEATH Flat Earth!! (Explained in Detail) | ENTIRE SERIES [by Feed Your Mind]

    to learn more about flat the playlist below!!

    Flat Earth PROOFS | ENTIRE SERIES [by Feed Your Mind]



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  2. assassinate evil says:

    We tumbled across ur vid. Only 2 other YouTubers put out vids of oil is not fossil fuel, ours n isittruenews2 gets taken down. Oil the blood of the earth, lubricants the planet. Oil is everywhere

  3. J b says:

    OIL IS THE BLOOD OF EARTH. Just like the human body water blood and bone. EARTH = H2S=WATER, OIL= BLOOD AND ROCK= BONE. By take the blood out of the earth then you are killing the life of the plant and all lifes form. This why the planet earth is dieing a slow death by burning up. Just like if suck your blood out of your body? NO DIFFERENCE.

  4. Elin Winblad says:

    I can compost an entire garbage can into tiny thin layer within a month and that’s with no top pressure/weight. I can imagine Mother Nature can probably create some wonderful things through composting.

  5. Warren-out says:

    They've actually recreated oil in a laboratory using pressure and darkness and heat and it's just plant matter like giant forests blush jungles that's pretty much what they are even though they try to hide it and that is how the Earth produces a naturally

  6. Captain Howdy says:

    Have you ever seen prometheus ?

  7. Captain Howdy says:

    6:40 you answer you question .

  8. Captain Howdy says:

    It’s god .

  9. Leo Wong says:

    Yet another great lie perpetrated by the evil rulers of this world to control and enslave is.

  10. Mass Scott says:

    reminds me of ancient aliens bs …….Wake up!

  11. GOOKFACE510 says:

    The American Government Was Engineered Under Lies And Corruption

  12. David Crawford says:

    I don’t agree with flat earth ,but I can see this being true.

  13. Martin Hunt says:

    Expanding Earth is going on with the grand solar minimum on our sun and Earth pole shift lol more like CERN man made pole shift Agenda 21 it's all about to get crazy earthquakes and volcanoes will go mad lol we are ducked 33 free masons ECT and de population ECT all x President are all related to the royal family UK wake up sheep

  14. Barukh Vero says:

    The earth is alive we all… trees, plants, animals, humans, it produces gold silver, brass, and precious stones and more this is why we should take care of this amazing earth given to us from the most high.

  15. Toosiya Brandt says:

    Good line of thought! it frees up speculation on this subject. I was thinking as a result, that microbial and bacterial activity might be involved on a large scale, since the soil is saturated with them. It really is ' Living ' soil, metabolising / breaking down everything that falls into it. Shalom to you in Christ Yeshua.

  16. avgrim77 says:

    You're 100% right! No such thing as dinosaurs! Oil can't be from something that never existed!

  17. Runexavier FE says:

    Magma is superheated oil, coal is oil after a process, and organic material is coal. Coal is created very fast as dr. Gentry discovered in the 70s. Great video

  18. Allan Bolton says:


  19. Runo says:

    Read the articles and watch the documentary before you start making anything up. Fucking hell, the autism is gonna keep spreading… next what? We don't need oxygen to live and it is not necessary for life? ITS ALL A GOVERNMENT PLOT TO KEEP US UNDER CONTROL DON'T LET YOUR SELVES BE FOOLED…. you know is sad how It wouln't be weird that someone would say that and actually believe it.

  20. John W says:

    Even when I was a retarded globe believer i still didnt believe in dinosaurs.(therefore didnt believe oil is fossil)

  21. Alice D says:

    Oil is the sap of the giant trees that used to grow upwards on the surface.
    But the roots of these trees below the surface still produce sap (oil)
    The organic component of giants.
    'Dinosaurs' are just a made up creation for Giants. Gigantic beings did roam the Earth,
    but they weren't 'dinosaurs'.
    It was more palatable to make us believe in dinosaurs than giant trees and giants.
    Lava is heated natural oil (sap)
    But oil is organic material nonetheless.
    Food for thought.

  22. cameron dixon says:

    Everything is fluid even things that we would consider to be solid. Oil is lighter than H2O a carbon atom is known 2 easy attached to anything. Almost every from a well has extreme amount of pressure because the buoyancy of the land sitting upon it. We use pressure to carbonate our drinks. I believe that Water Deep lots of pressure carbon binds to it make it boil oil? Vacuum H2O will boil pressure is always related to temperature. In a boiler water with a pressure of 120 lb would be the temperature of 250 degrees. This can be done by anybody that's why it's considered science. And not that pseudoscience so maybe the oil Well fields are taking water back on and there is still carbon there so Under Pressure it makes oil. Root of all evil this all comes back to money currency whatever the haves against the Have Nots and the people that have get the Have Nots to fight.

  23. Janelle Mckinley says:

    Of course it's not a fossil fuel and the earth isn't flat. Too bad it isn't and you could be pushed off the edge. Farewell, Flat Earth – The Final Fuck You (must see)

  24. Taz-on-the-loose Yusef says:

    I was in a class with a certain guy from an extremely rich corrupt family ,rarely attended lessons and was below average but the family seems to be shareholders of the university, it was a shock when we sat for our exams, you could see clearly that he did not know the answers , but he ended up passing with extremely high marks and now he is a scientific researcher, I just wonder how many people are using his stupid ideas as genuine scientific explanations, so don't always believe so called scientific proofs and NASA

  25. Elias Pieterson says:

    Thanx a lot brother for the 4.1.1 info,it was really helpful.
    I did not know that the produces naturally and that it won't run out or dry out!!!
    thanx cuzz

  26. Lorraine Walters says:

    Awesome video and information ❤. Thanks heaps brother. When you think about it the earth is a mass of fossilized flaura, fauna, humans, giants etc. Some of those titans are just lying there where they died and the water covered them. It's the excellent teaching on oil why I thought that.

  27. Jahmeil Stanton says:


  28. Yilun Mao says:

    lel viva la chine

  29. Paul Meier says:

    if this is true how the hell can there be oceans of hydrocarbons on Titan when its so cold

  30. Chris List says:

    Good theory , however you keep saying " I think " or " I guess " .
    Plain and simple terms , you do not know. You are trying to impose your thoughts as fact without any real facts or testing. You could be correct , but without testing , it is just your guess.

  31. Owen Leung says:

    thanks for sharing. I always wonder if oil is limited resources, how come the oil price can frustrate dramatically over the history. It must be manipulated!

  32. paladin hgwt says:

    Any chemist will tell us that oil come from deep in the earth from calcium carbonate, iron oxide and marble not dead dinosaurs.

  33. Colin Kinsey says:

    I'm sure the creator was intelligent enough to know what humans would need to survive on this planet and would have planned way ahead by creating oil,coal,trees and etc etc etc..

  34. Jeremiah Massfhhvh says:

    Goodness you are retarded

  35. Benjamin Breeg says:

    They call it Fossil Fuel to make you think it will run out.

  36. Grish Guillotine says:

    7:26 when you see it, you'll shit bricks…

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