Pros and Cons of living off grid in Alaska

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We talk about the pros and cons of living off grid in Alaska. Some people feel the call of Alaska but living in the Alaskan bush is not as easy as some might think. We break down what we think some of the most positive things and some of the most negative things are when living off grid in the Alaskan bush. Hopefully you enjoy this Wood Stove Wednesday #woodstovewednesday

We are building a cabin in southeast Alaska. It’s an off grid cabin on an island near Juneau. We are towards making a homestead out here and becoming more sustainable through frugal living, hunting, fishing and gardening. Alaska homesteading is more than just words is a way of life. So if you are interested in moving to Alaska or the off grid life click the subscribe button and join us here at My Alaska Dream, where we show what it’s like homesteading for beginners.
Living in Alaska is great, come with us and enjoy the experience.

Thanks for watching.
If you enjoyed the video click the subscribe button, it’s absolutely free, and follow us on our off grid journey in southeast Alaska.

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19 Responses

  1. Wonderland Corps: Bushi Kafe ReDux says:

    Thanks for another great video Brian! Independence is hard but it is worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears.

  2. scott sorter says:

    twins heck yeah

  3. Hansford Boatman II says:

    That was fun, you two are great! Thank you for the shout out!

  4. lastfanstanding999 says:

    those over sized tires that hold like 3lbs of air and can absorb obstruction, is that what your getting

  5. lastfanstanding999 says:

    i loved the video y'all 😀

  6. lastfanstanding999 says:

    so y'all get internet out there ?
    how big is your island, and are there any other properties like yours around for sale that you know of ?

    i dont know say 10 or 20 acres with a half build house or something of sorts,

    and… how much money would it take to get something like y'all's ?

    one more thing, you said something about firewood, do you cut wood for fire stove on your land or do your import it ?

  7. R G Homestead says:

    my uncle has been in Alaska for 30 yrs and he will not come down to the lower 48 for anything its a great state I loved it up there as well have a great day and enjoy the holiday day season coming

  8. Steve Bruinsma says:

    ya I think you gotta find a new welder for the new trailer other than your tank guy and the last guy you used lmao ,

  9. Darell Griffin says:

    Y’all are living the dream!!

  10. Matt Caluda says:

    fun vlog. your either happy or have hit the happy sauce. ill go with happy. enjoying your Q&A episodes

  11. Alex Gardener says:

    Great video, you two look like you are having a great time living off grid. Alaskans are so tough, and your perseverance shows that. Thanks for your perspectives!

  12. robert baine says:

    Good times guys,I need to P now

  13. Thomas Schauss says:

    Just as long as you don't pee into the wind…lol

  14. Dashbshots says:

    We had a impeller break apart (18' open bow Chaparral boat) while on a lake leaving us floating helpless. You can't just walk home if a boat breaks down. Can't imagine having a technical difficulty in the rough open waters. I traded that boat for a atv. So far so good with our Polar atv cart. Nice wide stance. I've had loads just flip to the side and dump with another brand cart.

  15. Lumberman says:

    A few more pros, no traffic, no train whistles. no leaf blowers, and no utility bills! Oh, and will you guys just cheer up!!

  16. wesleyakachino says:

    Lol you guys are Awsome… Great vids guys I love your outlook on life and especially your vids, keep up the Awsome work

  17. Get Crypto says:

    Good vid guys. Do you have to boat in your firewood?

  18. Joseph Atnip says:

    I have a cousin that lives in Alaska he married a native woman and has like 8 kids ….I'm thinking in the wintertime there's not a whole lot to do….lol

  19. Joseph Atnip says:

    Off grid living in Alaska con cutting splitting and stacking firewood lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of firewood and Frozen well pumps pretty much anything water-related and Frozen and in the summer you got mosquitoes big enough to carry away a small dog

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