Q&A | Digestion, Natural Birth Control & Cringy Beta Male Things!

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Crystal is here for another Ask Me Monday! We talk about digestion, gas/bloating, natural birth control, address some hate & more! We also stumbled upon a wild salmon run! Leave any comments you have below, we love reading them! If you have a question for an upcoming Ask Me Monday use #AMM




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I am Derek Simnett, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and avid nature lover. I love calisthenics and making good food!
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20 Responses

  1. MalinaJay says:

    I would rather have a compassionate, caring man any day! I know first hand what it is like to date a narcissistic and extremely selfish man 😉


  2. Niki McFadden says:

    Yay! I love when Crystal joins your videos. 🙂 My husband is 5'7 and I'm 5'9 – I think if a man is evolved, funny, intelligent, & compassionate that is far sexier than just being tall!

  3. Noxshus says:

    Just wanted to share an anecdote if anyone is suffering from digestive troubles. A year or two into my vegan diet I was suffering from painful amounts of gas, and all the fibre meant I was on the toilet 8-10 times a day. Background: I am a powerlifter and eat a LOT. I decided to try intermittent fasting on the advice of Dr Rhonda Patrick and it CHANGED THE GAME. So now I eat from roughly 11-12 a.m to 7-8 p.m every day (3500-4000 cals), and a day or two per week I can let that go however I want. Digestive problems basically disappeared. This accords with how the enzymes in our gut want to work. Not a prescription, but possibly a helpful suggestion if anyone has this problem.

  4. Shino -iwnl- says:

    I found ur comment on one of jakesshowcase video and it honestly made my day to see how positive you were towards such a criticised person and then I saw some of your vids and I’m amazed how genuine you are I hope you keep making vids in the future

    Ps you got a new subscriber 🙂

  5. Martin Rosas Jr. says:

    Hey Derek, I have a question for #askmemonday. My mom has acid reflux and was told to avoid garlic, lemon, tomatoes and spicy food. I want her to eat a more whole foods plant based diet but she won't eat anything I make if it has any of those ingredients in it. My question is, if she eats a WFPB diet will she still have to avoid those foods as she would hopefully be addressing the cause of the problem instead of just avoiding foods that trigger symptoms? And are those the right foods to avoid as it would be much easier if she could eat everything I make. Thanks for all you do!

  6. VegAnthony says:

    Hey Derek! I want to get serious about calisthenics but I have very little experience working out other than running. Should I try to build some strength by lifting weights before getting started with calisthenics? I'm worried I will be less successful if I start calisthenics without having much strength to begin with. What do you think? #AMM

  7. Alacia Miller says:

    #amm what advice do you have for people who suffer from frequent headaches and migraines?

  8. FTW says:

    Simnett Long time listener first time caller.

    So i eat a whole food plant based diet.
    I even make sure my work boots i purchase are vegan but … i eat australian sardines once a every other day.. roughly 10 little fish, that gives me all the b12, vit d & selenium i need.
    Aussie sardines are caught wild and the populations are very abundant.

    Am i a cunt or are 10 small fish no worse than the rodents or birds killed to harvest the plants i eat for the rest of my meals?

  9. Monica Marie Lessen says:

    #AMM What do you guys eat during Thanksgiving? I'm heading to my nonvegan parents for the holiday and need some good dish ideas to make veganism look good.

  10. Anton Ulybin says:

    Thanks a lot for your AMM videos! They are brighten my days

  11. Eden Dembinski says:

    Been going to the gym and just found out they have a machine that assists in dips and pull ups!!! It’s my new favorite toy.

  12. daniela petrucci says:

    Also, for gas have you heard about activated charcoal? I know it helps a lot with is as well..

  13. daniela petrucci says:

    #AMM Hi guys, i do have a question for next ask me monday and it's a weird one 🙂 Is it true that after years of being vegan the body odors disappear? One of my friends stopped using deodorants years ago and washes his hair once every two/three weeks and i swear he smells like a rose all the times. Did that happen to you as well? Peace, love, plants. 🙂

  14. Stephanie Bain says:

    Just wondering if you could talk about anti nutrients and your thoughts about Frank Tufano's Vegan critique: Antinutrients and Bioavailability video he did on you?

  15. Victoria Flees says:

    Can’t wait for a new recipe ebook!

  16. Joshua Bush says:

    Would you guys ever have kids?

  17. Robert Whitman says:

    I want a vegan bread pudding.

  18. Arta Grase says:

    I know it’s not nutrition related, but I was wondering do you recycle – plastic, paper and metal? #amm

  19. unboxed101 says:

    Love both of you! Love the video!

  20. Mats Mathisen says:

    #AMM Hi Derek, great video as usual.

    I was wondering if drinking cellery juice on an empty stomach in the morning really helps boost stomach acid back to normal levels?

    If so, do we know how?

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