Quick Skincare Review on Skin Deep Products | Quick and Simple Facial.

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hey beautifuls how have you all been?

I had been really busy lately travelling but finally got back. I missed my youtube family and I will come up with content more regularly now.

So guys I did skincare review on deep skin products. This is a mini review and first Impression video. I will give the product breakdown in a few hours. I am leaving the link of skin deep products Instagram page down below.

Hope you will like the video. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment section below.

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11 Responses

  1. beauty corner fun says:

    Sb mask ice cubes kr chuki hu nh hory face k pores close …. i m very sad plz ap btao or mary face pr pores open hony ki wja sy white heads ary ha cheks pr b plz problm solve kro apppp i m ur biggest fannnn….lv u

  2. beauty corner fun says:

    Plz open pores kasy bnd hoty ja remedy btayen ya cream white head k ly b

  3. Maggie Blazey says:

    Hey Farah which lenses r u wearing ???

  4. Maryam Azaz says:

    Seeing your fresh face after so long! Love your detailed and real-time reviews, Keep it up babe <3

  5. Hira Butt says:

    Anything for removing dark spots and bumpy skin

  6. Unaiza Naz says:

    missed you so much Amazing girl..with amazing review..<3

  7. iqra aslam says:

    You’re so sweet
    Please guide about the acne treatment

  8. Iza Khan says:

    Hello dear I m soo happy u come back plz deep acne scar. Such as icepick scare i m soo worried plz make video about acne scar

  9. Saila Mari says:

    My beautiful❤️❤️

  10. Maheen Faizan says:

    From hijab and beauty

  11. Noor Fatima says:

    Wowwww finally after a long time❤❤❤

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