Rebuttal of a Subscriber, everyday Market in town and the Farm garden

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Our local Town everyday Market, update on the organic garden and a subscriber Rebuttal plus skinny cow update.

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44 Responses

  1. wayne dakin says:

    very good Gordon its like Vegans dont realise rabbits,mice,rats,etc have to be killed to keep there crop of tofu going.

  2. Russell Brain says:

    WOW – the garden is coming along . Good job . Do you do home delivery , Gordon ? A box of yummy veg. would be great every week . You know our address here in Australia LOL . I hope Skinny Cow gets better – it must be a worry for you . (blood tests ?)

  3. David Robert Thomas says:

    Gordon, what you are doing in Thailand is priceless. Oh, I've one favour to ask you. When you make the meat and potato pies can you vlog it?

  4. Joe Long says:

    have you looked around online for a farmers forum or possibly a smallholding type of forum ? might be able to pick up some advice or even home remedy for the sick cow ? got little to loose in trying something "homemade" seeing as getting "proper" medication will be slim to non , carnt be anything really serious as only 1 cow is affected and other than weight loss seems happy enough

  5. Chris Petkau says:

    Hi Gordon. Please watch This is a cheap and effective way to restore good health to all. People and animals. I can answer any questions. Just ask.

  6. TOW BALL says:

    Ahh Mr T Mashed potato my favorite . Mash goes with everything . Can understand you want to grow your own vegies because of the chemicals they certainly would be using the chemicals we have

  7. The Rabbit News says:

    Here's another one Gordon. I met a guy many years ago who was about 65 years old. He was still strong. He plowed his land for rice plants. He did his farming all day long. Oh! and he smoke pure tobacco like a ship. I ask myself how he did. In America, smoking is very bad. We don't use cow to plow rice field any longer. Things are getting easier. Yet, people don't feel like that guy whom I met. We get hi potention, cancer, kidney failure and many more. Why? We have all modern medicine. We can tward DNA like cloning a sheep. We can make pain to go away. Yet, life is worst than those who live in rural Southeast Asia where those tractors, fertilizers etc are hard to come by.

  8. Carlos Portini says:

    I've never seen a better quality video than this one. I watched this clip 3 times.

  9. Phyllis 4466 says:

    We lived in Tripoli Libya for 3 years. We purchased our food at the Air Force base commissary. Since their supply depended all on local farmers and imports from other countries and we were advised that whatever fruit or vegetables we brought home had to be soaked in a sink full of water with 1 capful of bleach to a gallon of water and then rinsed in the treated water that we had to tote to our homes in huge jugs. Before we left tripoli we all had to get checked for worms!!! Totally unrelated….do you still have your hydroponics and fish tanks going? I notice that you haven't mentioned them for quite a while.

  10. Rod McLaren says:

    Another great video Gordon. You seem to have a good command of Thai language.. interesting communication between you and the market people. Happy days!

  11. C Gj says:

    Packed edition with some special viewings, and great followers Behind you all the way.
    Keep Safe and Well SMILES

  12. Ross Oswald says:

    Next time in Pattaya go to Nueng's pies Soi 13 Boonsampan east Pattaya you will not be sorry P.S. bring your own mushy peas

  13. crispernator says:

    Gday gordon that veg looks pretty good but as you say there are probably a lot of chemicals that are banned in other parts of the world from using , the sub is probably right but then you are as well by controlling what is put on to your food ,mashed potato ? cmon mate get some chips going 555 , i think i have said this before but i am always sus about the meat and fish sitting out like that ,no bacon ? you need to set up your own smokehouse mate and sell it ,I follow ians chanel as well he is getting better with his drone work anyway good video take care .

  14. John Yarbrough says:

    Gardening is never about the money. it is a calming thing to do and food always tastes better if you raise it. Do not know of a garden anywhere that raises things cheaper than they can be bought but that has never been the point. – john

  15. Here,s Harv says:

    One comment and you get on your high horse on poor old Willy!!!.. I don't think you like to be told anything. JMO.. Please don't crucify me on your vlog too lol.

  16. raymond jarvis says:

    Gordon,start growing thy hair young man,

  17. The Rabbit News says:

    You already have what to make organic garden. You have cowdunk, tree shrub and ofcourse the left over. You can mix all of them together on a concrete pad. The liquid from the mix can be mixed with water to shower the vegetable while the compost can be used as fertilizer. That was how I was taught in high school. That was how I saw people garden at home. I never heard anyone used some kind of chemical on vegetable when I was young.

  18. Tutone Earthling says:

    Gordon, unless i missed it you missed out the most important reason for a garden. Enjoyment.

  19. Z'MAN says:

    I like your videos very much, your info is also very informative. I see that in your garden, you have
    piles of dirt, or whatever. What is it by the way. I always look forward to your videos, and thanks for
    sharing with me, and everyone else that watches your channel.

  20. Joe Ford says:

    Really enjoyed that video gordon, wish i were there to lay them blocks for you as im almost retired bricklayar i would happilly do it
    for a beer and one of your pies. – i just happened to notice many pretty ladies at the market!
    regards joe

  21. Roger Tallentire says:

    Gardening with Gordon is Great! Better to know what you ate.

  22. Derek Mccauley says:

    Thanks for this and an inadvertent tks to Mr !
    I had no idea, I thought the "market" produce was all home grown. Silly me, but I didn't have the language skills to ask.
    I'm really enjoying your vlogs I'm enjoying the building project, great to see you looking after skinny cow.
    Thank you so much for entertaining me.

  23. John Jakobsen says:

    "He wanted 90 B – so I gave him 100." ..? – and why did you do that? You are a typical stupid newcomer fucking farang, just my humble opinion. I wish people like you would stay back home in your shitty countries, and not import you stupidity to Thailand.

  24. Phyllis 4466 says:

    First off….Geoff, I wish you luck in your job in Iraq and a speedy and safe return. Now Gordon…..I'm happy to hear you're not considering a pony tail. Such sad things…all wispy and gray . I would hope that some day you acquire a Vet as one of your subscribers, who would come to your farm and give Skinny Cow a good once over.
    It would be difficult for the Vet, as he has no local labs that could analyze all that' he would need done….so that ends that. Maybe, in the dark of night, Skinny Cow runs laps and does exercises that keep her skinny in order to receive your special attention. 🙂 My Dad's compost pile consisted of manure , coffee grounds and vegetation. No pallets and old carpeting in there to be found. During WW2, people grew what they called Victory Gardens. My Uncle Bill wasn't a farmer, but he had some land and he and my Dad grew all kinds of vegetables. There were victory gardens on empty lots in the cities and where ever land was available to plant. Time for me to shut up and leave.

  25. MrRockwellrob says:

    Hi m8, yeah im sure the cost does not come into it. The fact is, you can do it, and you want to do it, and i imagine you gain a great deal of pleasure seeing it turn into a beautiful little area. Its all part of keeping active and having something to do, and having the bonus of saying i grew that, when its on your dinner table. Keep up the good work.

  26. Martin B says:

    BTW! I still say that the slope behind the cattle shed would be ideal to mass plant pumpkins/squash. Not bad for a Sunday roast but thinking more as a delicious treat and beneficial for the cows…. as we all know you spoil them!

  27. A Retired Okie Living in Thailand says:

    How do you like the stabilization of that GoPro Hero 7 Black? So nice not needing a gimbal….

  28. Martin B says:

    Skinny cow is damn brilliant… do what ever you have to to stay skinny and you will get the best possible food and bunches of TLC! Lol!

  29. Stephen Bond says:

    I'm sorry I haven't visited your vlog in quite some time Gordon. Always a class act and a standard bearer for all of the expats there. It's incredible to see all those people smile at you as you proceed through the market.
    This is the year, hopefully I make a big leap and just fly from the US and experience the beauty of your country and warmth of its people.
    I always love your treatment of your animals. The kindness are caring is palpable. I believe God has ordained us to be good stewards over these wonderful creatures who offer us so much in sustaining our lives. You and May are living proof that it's true and can be done.
    Lol I guess the best produce has worm holes and bird pecks in them, but organic gardening is best. The problem I've read about here in the US is the transit time from farm to table…supposedly enzymes and nutrients can leech out of the produce with age.
    Of course, who knows. With the Internet you can find anything to justify your narrative. Honestly, it makes most sense to do what you are doing. You cannot go wrong. From "farm" to table in literally minutes.
    A prominate president of our church once encouraged us from the pulpit to grow a garden. "Even if you only have an apartment" he said, "use pots and planters to grow edibles." He later said: "Grow the 'two dollar' tomato if you must!" He then promised the blessings of growing that two dollar tomato, talking about the health, spiritual and emotional benefits that come from gardening…hands in the soil, experiencing the law of the harvest, seeing the miracle of seeds germinating and producing life-sustaining food. Of course the "two dollar tomato" reference…meaning, yes…it may be cheaper to just go purchase the tomato but at what greater cost…missing out on all the aforementioned benefits.
    Happy New Year my friend!

  30. bullshitdave says:

    I can't call people who use poisons to grow food "farmers".
    I live on a million acre farm that at one time produced anything and everything that can be grown in the climate of northeastern Canaduh.
    This Island once had 35,000 farmers who all raised large families. 5 acres of potato was a huge crop, but there were carrots, turnip, cabbage, wheat, oats, etc. to be harvested as well as the potato. Cows to be milked, eggs gathered, swine to be slaughtered. You know the deal. The fields were relatively small divided by tree lines that served as windbreaks protecting the crops and fruit trees. This method also helped keep vegetable disease such as blight from spreading far or fast. All gone now to create huge fields that will accommodate outrageously large tractors, harvesters, plows, (15 "plows" to a side and the thing flips over to the other fifteen plows on the other side to reduce turning or something like that) sprayers, huge trucks, etc. Those 35,000 farms have been reduced to 3500 as the great agro winners swoop in like vultures to feed upon some losers lifetime of work for pennies on the dollar. Needles to say, they leave their fields raped and barren of a cover crop for the topsoil to be blown away.
    Now the potato is king, … King Irving I call him. He's dead but his legacy of "bigger is better" has corrupted what little is left of the agro industry here on Prince Poison Island. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, "top killer" and "sprout inhibitor all leech into our water and fish kills are an annual thing. Birds wiped out. Not a cliff swallow left as well as numerous other song birds and insect eaters. Frogs, toads, and snakes fast disappearing, …
    These chemicals have killed the soil leaving the agro business people "trapped" by their own self inflicted retardation. Their soil will not produce a thing being the dead and inert substance they have reduced it to with their application of chemical poisons. Basically a reduced to a "growing medium" for their chemical poisons. Literally hundreds of thousands of tons of chemicals yearly. It's in the "contract" that the agro business people must sign in order to sell their potatoes to the King, and of course, you know who supplies all the poisons right? Yes, the King of course. He has those idiots bought and paid for. One little scribble of the Kings mighty pen and an agro business person is out of business and can no longer drive his 80,000 dollar truck around to show off to the community his great success as a "winner".
    Of course anyone with a brain left long ago to more civilized parts of the country, (read big money) and now return old and used up to "die at home" and be a burden on our failing health industry. I tell you, it's hard to keep cancer doctors on an Island that grows cancer. They leave as fast as they come being smart enough to recognize a losing battle when they see one. They'd rather work with people who don't insist on poisoning themselves for someone else's eternal profits. Such a "special" place only attracts "special" people, people who can't make it in the real world so we are blessed with the worst of the best. They do rather well here. lol
    Have a great one and keep up the good work.
    Sad to hear the rest of the world seems to be as perverted as we are here when it comes to chemicals. I was sure we were the only people in the world who could possibly be so stupid as to poison our own children for eternal and never ending "profits".

  31. stephen watson says:

    Allotments are much sought after in the UK for the very same reasons .

  32. Norbert Berman says:

    GT, also may be contact. "Nakhonratchasima Animal Nutrition Research and Development Center)" or.
    Sorry Gordon, when I bombard you with links!

  33. Norbert Berman says:

    GT, another grass is pangola grass.

  34. Norbert Berman says:

    GT, this site mentions Thailand. Congo grass

  35. Pat says:

    You have a great life. Live it. You can't please everyone. Great video. Pat in Ireland

  36. Stephen Hampson says:

    First thing I buy when I go home is pies.

  37. Destroyer Of Worlds says:

    Skinny Cow…consider parasite infection in your differential diagnosis

  38. Duncan Bradford says:

    I think I will miss pies too when I move over this year…. I love a good pie, and mushy peas with mint sauce too, but that's almost staple diet here in Nottingham 🙂

  39. Norbert Berman says:

    GT, please try to find on google the following pdf document which says something about pastures"50 years Dairy Development in Northern Thailand – GIZ"

  40. Joseph Pinkston says:

    I think also you want to get some pleasure from the garden walking through it and how it looks.

  41. mr10man69 says:

    Nothing compares to working the soil with your own hands and producing something. Even a simple hedge! (!!!) Nice market. I immediately noticed the beautiful presentation of the produce. Pyramids, shiny tomatoes, and splendid greens. Do they throw out their trimmings or feed them to their own animals? Thanks Gordon. Lovely video.

  42. Englishman in Malta says:

    Skinny cow happy munchkin away !! I agree your organic garden is to poshy ……you need a few old tyres bits of wood and get a guitarist in the corner playing kum Ba ya

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