Review… How to apply Eco Tan Face Tan Water Certified Organic Review

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14 Responses

  1. Majestic Babe says:

    Before and after would have been nice…

  2. Celina Bianchini says:

    Do you have to wash your face after a certain amount of hours like normal tans?

  3. Diane d says:

    Hi ! I want to know if I can mix it with my moisturizing cream ?

  4. Ryan Lad says:

    Do you see results after one use? Also can you use it day and night? Thankyou

  5. SuperKinoshy says:

    Hi! I have a question: When you say gradual tanning does this mean it tans the skins little by little? Does the color remain even after wash? And on the bottle it says apply 8 hours before showering for best results. Not sure if this means the product lasts for 8 hours or for best results leave on for 8 hours.

  6. Zana Nemo says:

    Hey! thank you for this! and I hope you reply to this because I was wondering if its a good idea to apply the eco tan mousse on your face instead of this product! I haven't purchased anything yet, and I am pale with a little olive skin tone but for the most part I am white and pale in my face so I wasn't sure what eco tan would be best for me. Im thinking maybe the mousse?

  7. Fitty Fabrication says:

    Thank you for the video. Am I allowed to use moisturiser & moisturiser with spf in after using eco tan face tan water? Do I need to wait for it to be absorbed first?

  8. Emily Lindenmayer says:

    Hi thanks for the video! Helped a lot! Although I'm just wondering how you tan your ears? Thanks xo

  9. Ana Stojic says:

    Hi! I please please please to relay me on this questions.I am from country where i can not get info about this product.
    1.I have super oily face. Is it ok for my skin tip ? Similar much cheaper products make my skin oily more.
    2. In which states i can buy Eco tan?Bcs i am trying to avoid fees with online shopping.
    3.They have few products, what is fro what. What you ecommended exet this one?
    Please write me … 🙂

  10. Masha Masha says:

    Hello, thank you for the video! I want to start using Eco tanning products, but I have got a couple of uncertanties. Invisible Tan Medium/Olive skin tones is only for the body or for the face as well? If it is for the face how does it look on the pores if I have got large pores? Or is it meant to be used only for the body and Tan Face Water for the face? If so, will they be of the same color/hue? Thank you in advance!

  11. Stephie 90 says:

    Will using this on my face, and the winter skin body lotion tanner give me two different tan colors?

  12. Taylor Driscal says:

    My favorite product! Genius

  13. Karina A. Blancas says:

    I love this products. It's great on fair skin!

  14. Life is just Rosie says:

    I use the swabs too it's the best !

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