Rice Hull and Organic Mountain Soil for Plants and Flowers (part 1)

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My wife bought organic soil and rice Hull for her flowers and garden. The soil was 200 peso per bag, 4 dollars and the rice Hull was 10 peso.

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8 Responses

  1. Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures says:

    This is my wife planting new plants and old plants for her garden. We bought rice Hull and black organic soil thank you all for watching

  2. Mjane Taiwan says:

    Interesting I'm looking forward for the part two

  3. Sharmin’s Life says:

    Great video

  4. Ljoratil Ljoratil says:

    You can make on your own compost. You have really nice place.hi here to you both from israel

  5. Bangladeshi Blogger shaki says:

    Nice video,I also love to plant trees

  6. David Smith says:

    My wife has the green thumb not me

  7. mishi ka kitchen says:

    1ST NICE sir

  8. Ghen Ginalyn says:

    Nice job

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