RMS BEAUTY, I misjudged you… | Full Face Wear Test + Honest Review | Clean Beauty Makeup

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Hello! Yes, finally we’re doing a wear test and review of RMS Beauty. Today I’m trying the RMS Beauty Un Cover-up, the Un-Powder, the Pop Palette and the RMS Eye Polish. Make sure you tune in for all the info – this brand has more than meets the eye!

Products Used:

RMS Beauty Un-Cover-Up in 00: https://go.magik.ly/ml/hkea/
RMS Beauty Un-Powder in Translucent: https://go.magik.ly/ml/hkeg/
RMS Beauty Signature Set in Pop: https://go.magik.ly/ml/hkee/
RMS Eye Polish in Solar: https://go.magik.ly/ml/hked/

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FTC disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links. This video is NOT sponsored.

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25 Responses

  1. Soeun Jeon says:

    you should wear an eyeprimer..maybe that might help with the creasing.

  2. Hanna Fisher says:

    Love this review! I felt/feel the same about RMS! Random question…where did you get your earrings?! LOVE them!

  3. leskey lai says:

    I actually love my RMS Palette. It was the first thing ever I have tried from them. It is small but they do last quite a long time. I just thought it would a great way to try out RMS before I start buying them in single pots. It worked out great because I love using my fingers to apply makeup (foundation always just use fingers lol) and it is perfect for traveling. I use Buriti Bronzer as an eyeshadow, the magic luminizer as highlight and either lip2cheek as blush and lip color and that is it -a natural no makeup makeup look. Love it how quick and versatile it is. It is because of the recycling issue for not having a mirror, to me it didnt bother me at all since I never really use those mirrors. I only use green beauty products and I would say RMS is on the mid to high price point on the mid side in green beauty world.

  4. Lori Davis says:

    I love your channel! I always check to see if you’ve tried a product before I make a new purchase.

  5. 1969Vanessa G says:

    I don't understand why you keep complaining all through the video, which is makes it difficult to watch. You are selling yourself and RMS short without fully experiencing it.

  6. Michele Salter says:

    I get such a kick out of how you start out with a reservation about the product(s) and then you take a turn through the experience and the research. And this goes for the opposite….love the ride!

  7. Rima El-sayed says:

    Gurl you HAVE to try the rms lip2cheek blush in modest it's the preeeeettttiest shade

  8. glittermedown says:

    I love RMS beauty! My favorite thing from her line is the living luminizer, it gives you that "lit from within" look. After watching your video, I've decided to pick up the cream eyeshadow that you used it looks so gorgeous. A little side note, you honestly look like Saoirse Ronan and Lily James' love child! You're so beautiful.

  9. Karolyn Anderson says:

    GOSHDARNIT KACKIE! I'm already intrigued by RMS Beauty, don't give me a reason to buy more stuff!
    I've always been one of those no- foundation-just-a-bit-of-concealer type of gals, but I want to find a good, skin finish foundation… And you keep throwing these reviews out there!
    P.S. I am also a HUGE Potter dork… Hope you guys had fun!

  10. Giannina Alarcon says:

    So thedetoxmarket.com is a great place for samples of lots of green/clean brands such as RMS.

  11. ÉlizabethBobButcher says:

    That Eye Polish is SO PRETTY!!! :O

  12. Allyse Wittenburg says:

    i started using only clean non toxic makeup, skincare, etc last year and rms was one of the first lines i tried. i always use an oil but there have been times i put nothing on before hand and really warmed the uncoverup up with my finger before hand and it really moisturizes bc of the oils in it. for me anyways! but to the point, Rose Marie Swift says in a video somewhere that to get more coverage apply the uncover up, set it with the un powder, and then apply more uncoverup over the powder. the powder is super mattifying as well, but it literally makes me look like i have 0 pores! Lol

    Anyways, love your videos, loved this video! Your literally my fave and while i love natural looking makeup and feel my prettiest when im wearing something minimal, you have inspired me to wear more eyeshadow and get back into having a healthy everyday routine and just look forward to life, not that i didnt already but evwen more now! so thank you!

    i relate to you so much and most people ive watched i dont! glad to see you gaining subscribers and uploading alot! sorry for the book! if i can find that video i will link it and some more brands i really love. Ere Perez is one of my absolute faves

  13. Hannah Shotwell says:

    I have never tried this brand but they seem like they have nice products! You should do a full face of e.l.f. Makeup 🙂

  14. Abby Beers says:

    The palette may have been teeny tiny but I loved what you did with it. Love that eye shadow too! Stunning, looks like natural beauty. Thanks for the video!

  15. Kasey S. says:

    Do you take requests? 😉

    I know you're a fan of Curology, as am I. One of the things they recommend is to look up all of our beauty products on cosdna.com to check for acne-causing ingredients. I'm wondering if you'd be willing to incorporate what you find there for each of the products you review. I think it would be really informative for those of us with temperamental skin. Once I stopped using the products with >2 in the Acne column, my skin started improving drastically.

    I purchased the RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up pretty far prior to discovering CosDNA because it looked so pretty on the skin, but here's what it says about the ingredients and why I can't wear it /sadpanda :


  16. Ginger Badjie says:

    Fantastic review, thanks beautiful xoxo

  17. Rachel Arey says:

    one thing to note about RMS is that all of it is intended to be used with fingers. I think that is part of the issue you are having with the POP palette.

  18. DDGforMJK says:

    I love RMS! The Living Luminizer and Magic Luminizer are the prettiest highlights in the world. A Blue Mercury near me has an RMS display, and the products are stunning when seeing them in total and in real life. (EXCEPT that damn palette, lol! IMO, it just kinda looks juvenile and doesn't fit with the aesthetic of the brand.) But everything else is shiny and glimmery and sheeny and luxe. 🙂

  19. April Dunn says:

    I have the RMS Beauty Uncover and I guarantee it lasts FOREVER!

  20. Hallie Henry says:

    I was so bummed to hear that the eye shadow creased! Really wish Glossier would come out with a gold/bronze shade of lidstar WITH NO BLUE CAST because that's exactly how I wear them (buff edges out with a brush before it sets). It's amazing that lidstars don't crease, those are my go to 1 or 2 color easy eye looks!

    Luminizer and that Kosas highlighter you made me lust for…they both seem lovely!

  21. Minoo Verdi says:

    The pro-MUAs really like palettes that size – they lift out a small amount with a spatula
    on to a mixing tray. They then "break" the product down onto a brush. Also if best use buy dates are short again the prefer this size so they use up stuff before it goes off 🙂

  22. LivingMyLife22 says:

    Love the rms eye pots, when it’s creased on me, I’m able to use a clean finger, kind of blend what’s left over and I have a tone downed version of what I had earlier lol so happy you liked some of the products!

  23. Jillian Ness says:

    I have some rms products I love, the highlight is gorgeous but that little palette looks annoying lol

  24. Jane Barnette says:

    I'm so glad you came around… I love rms! my favorite eye polish color is Myth, and my favorite highlighter is either Champagne Rose or Living Luminizer. I just placed an order with them for their Green Friday event this weekend, where they were 20% off and had a free eyeshadow powder trio (they claim to only have one sale a year)! <3

  25. Caroline Dube says:

    The palette makes me think of the “play” makeup from the 80s. You are 100% correct!

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