Ronald Bernard – Interview 5 – The local powers that be – English voice over

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This is the fifth and last part with Ronald Bernard from the interview series done by DVM-TV – with English voice over.

In this interview Ronald talks about how he became a social entrepreneur and he shares details on past projects such as: sustainable gardening in Portugal and transforming offices to housing with Stichting Tijdelijk Wonen.

Apart from that he explains how he clashed with the local powers that be, how he ended up innocently in a Belgian maximum security prison for several months and how in the end everything came together and he understood the backgrounds to all of what has happened to him.

It’s highly recommended to also watch this interview in the original spoken Dutch with subtitles for the full emotional impact.

Original DVM-TV video was published on February 13, 2018. Source:

Highly recommended video – Ronald Bernard explaining the Declaration of Peace:

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