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WARNING: Contains graphic content that some viewers might find disturbing. One of the most important rituals for the Adi tribe revolves around sacrificing the mythun and feeding it to the village.

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Former Royal Marine officer and expedition leader Bruce Parry, sheds the trappings of a western existence and lives alongside tribes, such as the forest people of central Gabon, adopting their methods and practices. Taking adventure into a whole new realm, Parry dares to go where other presenters fear to tread: hunting, cooking and eating like a native and even trying the local recreational and ritualistic poisons. He also examines the way in which western influence is encroaching on these remote areas and asks whether this is a good thing.

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25 Responses

  1. Righteous1 says:

    Where can I watch his new episodes?

  2. Mayobanex Antigua says:

    This is in part disgusting, they can ocassionally eat them, but theres no need to hit them ….

  3. Ryuta Michan says:

    Y así somos los que razonamos

  4. SweetBabyJames78 says:

    Reminds me of the movie
    "The Green Inferno"

  5. Emanuel Buttigieg says:

    Something very jarring about watching an animal being hung.

  6. Some Pie says:

    At least they don't waste the meat.

  7. Emiliano Zapata says:

    C'mon maybe they should have sent a letter to this bull,and inform him about his judgment day before hanging him..
    Be real please,it's part of the culture,and besides that whole village is beeing fed from it..

  8. Crushi! Official Music and Video Channel says:

    Too sick for me.

  9. ciceros flambe says:

    Lol everybody complaining about this when the meat industry in the US is plain horrifying because of its sheer cruelty and mass scale.

  10. Mohamed Farouk says:

    I think it's very unhealthy to eat meat from an animal that's killed this way. Blood MUST come out.

  11. Vj Padu says:

    In north East India tribe called apatani do as same like the sacrificing of cow or mithun. But they kill animal with an axe cutting on the back of neck for quick death.

  12. Laughing Man says:

    Yeah man the west is just so bad, these people clearly live better lives

  13. Fire On A Wire says:


  14. Adam Moore says:

    All you people complaining. They treated the animal with respect until its death. Go to a real slaughter house and watch animals getting kicked about, hit with stick and whole load of other crap you wouldnt agree with before grabbing it by its hind legs hoisting it into the air and slitting its throat to let it bleed out.

  15. ASGAR Q says:


  16. Big Gus says:

    Am I desensitized or are people just too sensitive?

  17. Lean Cos Gom San says:

    Its a really interesting culture, generally most sacrifice based cultures shed a lot of blood for their gods or spirits but this one just hang the animal then eat it without wasting anything I think I'm going to search more about this tribe

    (Side note: no i don't care about the fact that they hanged a cow, we eat meat everyday an if i said that i was against that practice I would be a hypocrite, and fun fact there is 9 comments and 9 dislikes on the video and all the comments are about pissed people lol)

  18. Max Gorden says:

    A fire inside a wooden hut?

  19. Angélica Zacarías says:

    Que feo
    Porque no lo hacen de una manera en el que el pobre animal no sufra?
    Me pareció súper bizarro porque los que estaban tirando de la cuerda se reían mientras lo mataban y aishhh!
    Que inhumanos

  20. Kerry Li says:

    They fed the cow, hung it, killed it and then ate it…it’s the hanging part that bothered me!!!

  21. Clickbait says:

    Plot twist. The mythun rise up and sacrifice the tribe.

  22. Jawid Hanaan says:

    plz dont kill cattles other than for food

  23. knOw It? says:

    A ( i don't know what is it) is being hung like a fish……

  24. FAIZAN ANZAR says:

    This is not a good style

  25. José Wilson Júnior says:

    First like, bizarre

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