Searching The Woods For Two Lost Goats

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Two goats get out and we search for them in the woods in vain only to find them at the barn.
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39 Responses

  1. Carole Seghers says:

    Grace you remind me of me when I was young ,loved the farm chores and loved being by my dads side ,keep paying attention to all those lessons you are so blessed to learn farm the barn ,and your skills in the kitchen ,you are doing so great ,cheers lil girl

  2. Amanda Liverseidge says:

    Thank you.

  3. Edie Koller says:

    I am so glad you found the goats…Great video! Loved the crackling fire.!

  4. Patti & Art says:

    Goats sol close & yet so far away

  5. Lost Nation South says:

    Great way to start my day. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Kristi Ray says:

    What is the cause of the male goats bad scent?

  7. Susan Shiloh says:

    You have really good helpers to help with your chores!

  8. J Casey says:

    The lighting, the framing, the composition and the depth of the shot at 6:44 (not to mention the subject matter) are really excellent. I came for the homestead vlogging, but I stay for the beauty. They don't call you Art for nothing.

  9. Little White Dory says:

    Very nice story!

  10. Michele Rucker says:

    Goats are escape artists!

  11. Diego Sebastián Pérez says:

    Buffaloes also have a tendency to stray , especially during dry seasons but the good thing is that they have strong herd tendency, much stronger than cows and goats. They either get lost all at once or they never get lost. I just keep their calves locked in the barn and all of them just roam around the barn.

  12. Michael Hornberger says:

    Art we love how you spend time with your children shooting the bow with the little guy is awesome great video my friend

  13. jacki comber says:

    Love spending time with you!

  14. Lorie Habel says:

    Hey there heres a good way to help with the buck smell. In a spray bottle use a sliver of lye soap, lemon juice, a couple drops of dawn. Put warm in and shake it up. Spray him down on front and legs. Shadow is so use to it I spray his head to. In the winter i spray him and use a dry sheet to dry him off a touch. Hope it helps. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. jimandmarsha says:

    The bow worked great! Nice work Dad. God bless!

  16. Jeannie Arnold says:

    Does having a fire near all those leaves make anyone else nervous?

  17. Stephanie Chavez says:

    watching this 11/30. tomorrow begins advent! 🙂

  18. Rose Jafari says:

    Watch out for nails! I found one in my hay barn from broken pallets. 4 weeks later no infection but sore.

  19. Danielle Day says:

    If you want him to have a safe arrow to run around with. They make foam tip arrows for LARPing he might enjoy.

  20. maricel cardenas says:

    Aww maybe they are lookingvfor a fresh grass

  21. M.K. Carol says:

    Keeping the creek wet. LOL So cute.

  22. Hillbilly Homestead says:

    Gotta love that goat perfume. I have 2 ND bucks and man I stink after feeding them

  23. Audrey Abdo says:

    They wanted to get away for some privacy. Brownie thinks he’s the goat overseer. Wish I had y’alls temperature, it’s cold here, but it’s colder further north of me so no need to complain. The kids are growing up so fast. Have a great weekend.

  24. Molly Mayor says:

    Not again lol did goats go missing before ? Not funny but it did make me smile

  25. South Georgia Hydroponics says:

    Strong smell is still and understatement…. The shot of you and your son shooting the bow was stunning

  26. Christa Inglis says:

    as a daughter of a tobacco grower in New Zealand have you every thought of tobacco stick fence – they look pretty good – put them over a straight post and rail fencing system PS is you back burn your area under the trees you will get better grass from the ash and reduce your tick problem

  27. Eva J. says:

    He smells manly….hahaha

  28. Carrie Ashley says:

    We It good you fond your goats look like a every nice day lucky the snow hasnt stay for long give time work stuff we got snow early and it stop some of my side side stuff here

  29. Robert Jarnagin says:

    Great vid. Thanks

  30. T Nicholas says:

    Haha, if you don't like the noises that the Nubians make then you should never get any kind of donkey!

  31. Cj Lively says:

    Glad your goats are safe!
    Try lamancha’s they are quiet , calm and super sweet!
    You’re place is so awesome!❤️

  32. Stac Homestead says:

    Fences, it’s a twice a month thing. I just fixed some today..My goats don’t get out(electric fence) it’s the cows.
    Just wait the smell gets more intense..(beautiful buck by the way)

  33. Freedom Ryder says:

    Washing hands with goat milk soap gets rid of most of the bucky odor

  34. Michael C says:

    Art and Bri, GORGEOUS VIEW!!!! Love you and your family, thank you AGAIN for sharing your homestead and the kids, especially the new addition!!!!!

  35. Linda McClellan says:

    I'm with Piece of Peace Homestead, I would be hoping to find anything cool and really old under the old hay and after taking the old pallet wood out. That's a project to spend a few hours on whenever you get a chance or better yet tell the kids there might be a hidden treasure somewhere in the barn but you have to clear it out. Probably a good idea to keep them down on the bottom floor and not up in the loft. God bless, and you are so right Advent is here!

  36. jchny00 says:

    UGH! I love my goats but yep they find a way! I ran 3 rows of electric wire on my pasture fence and that's stopped it. Now that they learned it, I don't need fence just wire to rotate pastures, and they stay in. I run them with my cows to clean up weeds cows won't eat.

  37. Coco Bolyn says:

    I had to think about your video that talked about how much easier it is to take care of 5 kids then 2 or 3 kids. That's fine when there as far apart as yours are. But 5 under 5, and you'll be pulling your hair out. I think it's grand that Art help so much. You're luckier than most. And having Grace to help is wonderful. Joyful is a great help too. But I think bringing up children with a 3 to 4 year span is much easier!
    We enjoy your videos very much. God bless your family, they are fortunate to have parents that care so much!

  38. Kenya Tiggs says:

    Buy a pyrness dog will watch your farm animals and protect your family and animals. Chickens goats and sheep they keep wolves and bears away.

  39. Megan Teeples says:

    Our mini alpine was the loudest dang goat she would drive us absolutely crazy. My nubian was the quiet one

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