Secret To Having The Greenest Lawn On The Block

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How to have the greenest lawn on the block – here is the answer and here are the links that I promised to show you my lawn program that I use on my own lawn. It’s all about dominating the neighbors.

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36 Responses

  1. Paul Patrie says:

    How do you know what my driveway is made of?

  2. Damnit Bobby says:


  3. jason T says:

    So I was wondering what state you live in? I live in Virginia and was wondering if this would work for me? . Great video

  4. Will Falcone says:

    Do you use weed suppressors along with Milorganite?

  5. Chargèro says:

    What is that background music?

  6. Arian Profit says:

    Should I mow my and rake it first before I apply it? It was mowed last week and is somewhat ok so I can apply. But does it need to be perfectly mowed before applying? Also, should I water it right away like weed and feed?

  7. arsalan siddiqi says:

    what kind of grass is it?

  8. MNTB77 says:

    I think you need a different mower and you could really dominate your neighbors lol

  9. Lenny Krapitz says:

    My fiance and I have just bought our first home together. The first thing on my list is to make my neighbors envy my lawn. Thanks for these great tips!

  10. CC CC says:

    The old days lol

  11. Anthony Saponaro says:

    why did your grass turn so brown /dead over the winter ?

  12. Inga Johnson says:

    My lawn is thick but is green in some areas than others. The other spots are a yellow-green. My question is what am I lacking in my grass?

  13. TC Carusa says:

    Game on neighbors.

  14. Razzle S says:

    will I still have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood if I am competing against someone who watched this same video?

  15. Public Name says:

    I took this advice and it didn't change ANYTHING about my lawn color! Kentucky bluegrass, and I put down plenty!

  16. D Tisdale says:

    I have a question. Within the last week I applied Scott's Turf Builder Weed and Feed. However, today I came across "The Lawn Nut" channel. Is it okay to apply the Milorganite fertilizer given I recently put down the Weed and Feed??

  17. 8 year old says:

    Beautiful, sure can get Wi-Fi signal out of that lawn

  18. TheIrfanxz44 says:

    If your neighbor goes and buys hunday do you go and buy honda?

  19. TheIrfanxz44 says:

    Dominating is basically to encourage you to go buy fertilizers
    I don't dominate I just have green grass

  20. Jonathan Pence says:

    That fertilizer works good, but damn it stinks

  21. Titts McGee says:

    You're a mad genius

  22. 426 SUPER BEE says:

    How? use greed food dye in your lawn fertilizer LMAO Love my centipede grass its so awesome! Only mow 3 x a year laugh to the bank, watching people mow 2 x a week try to make it look as good as mine Watering 2x a day omg i never water it we get a rain once a month is plenty > Well i said never! but i have gave it some water few times in a drought fall it make seeds and make it even thicker next year. easy to transplant from runners,when edging! Never grow higher than 10 inches. i mow it to 6 inches. Make it run more. once you get it going . TOOK me 5 years on 12 acres to cover it from runners

  23. bklynboyeny says:

    I’m into S&M bondage & domination so this is right up my alley

  24. Saurabh Chopra says:

    I tried everythin. It's not workin. Thinkin of painting my lawn dark green tomorrow. Fcuk the grass!

  25. Avon Barksdale says:

    Can I put this down at any time of the year????

  26. Cosme Najera says:

    Getting artificial grass

  27. larry ellyson says:

    Suggestions on a 3 week old saint Augustine sod area?

  28. Jorge Luis Calderon says:

    When is the best time to apply this?. It's April and up in Toronto we are just thawing out and getting that good rain. Is now a good time to fert or seed

  29. Bro Chris Kentucky says:

    Epsom salt 1 to 2 pounds per thousand sqft. You will stay green all winter if applied before grass goes dormant.

  30. henry ford says:

    Does this work on weeds?

  31. Jacque Caron says:

    Allen I live in Michigan and my yard is mostly dirt. Should I do a deep rake over before doing ,iron, grass seed, fertilizer?
    Jacque C.

  32. Mr T Maybert says:

    Two words Epson salt

  33. heath jenkins says:

    Why spend all that time on your lawn and Not a Garden??
    Are you eating this grass??

  34. Who Where says:

    I guess domination is the key right?

  35. Shamahl Jennings says:


  36. John m says:


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