Space Station Live: How Does Your Garden Grow in Space?

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NASA Commentator Lori Meggs at the Marshall Space Flight Center speaks with Gioia Massa, project scientist for Veggie, a facility astronauts are using on the International Space Station to learn about how to grow lettuce and other vegetables in space, an ability which will be important in providing food for astronauts on future deep space exploration missions which cannot be resupplied from Earth.

Watch Space Station Live, weekdays at 11am eastern.

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23 Responses

  1. ภาคศกร เฉลิมเชื้อ says:


  2. Lesbia Flores says:

    Hay que entrenar otros animales y despues de entrenados enviarlos.
    Para mejorar la alimentacion de los que hacen esos viajes.

  3. Lesbia Flores says:

    Deben entrenar terneros desde pequenos para que ya grandes los envien y puedan tener leche. El alimento de la vaca ya lo pueden producir !

  4. 미셜비 says:

    How did the soil not float everywhere?

  5. Dr pepper says:

    Grow some weed.

    Housten we have a problem.
    Whats the problem.
    We all high asf

  6. Jhilik Nandy says:

    my brother met with scientist steve at florida university.. he is a very down to earth person ..

  7. Kuheli Banerjee says:

    Red roma lettuse

  8. Awakened IntoFreedom says:

    Space is fake retards

  9. Robin James says:

    Stop saying "veggie" and say vegetables.

  10. Alien I says:


  11. Maeve Aitken says:

    Watch doctor who. The waters of mars. I can't stop thinking about how terrifying that would be.

  12. Myles Yoshimoto says:


  13. RobertsDigital says:

    That's a good start…..keep it up.

  14. Erick Rosa says:

    Why not have an under belly irrigation system? the water can seep up the soil into the plants.

  15. i survived says:

    make space kush try get some weed up in that bih !

  16. Najmul Shaikh says:

    I love you

  17. Pat says:

    The question is it safe on mars?

  18. Dark Dubbs says:

    03:05 why are they not wearing mouth sneeze and the sample is ruined.

  19. Hala Chaoui says:

    if they want an energy-passive, error-proof vertical garden they should use sub-irrigation (wick watering). The trick is having the felt wick connect growing media and water, while passing through a water-tight opening.

  20. Nocturnal says:

    Is it just me or is it hard to believe there are only six people on the space station?

  21. Bryan su says:

    so since space is not part of any country, is weed legal in space?

  22. Sharon Kaiser says:

    Oh ! I Think we will build first a House in a Space , and beside or at the background to plant a vegetables garden. What do you think about that ?.

  23. Radio Smokers FM says:


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