Spot Plant Stress a Week Early + More Garden Tech Gadgets from CES 2019

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John from shares with you the Newest Gardening Tech products that can help you to detect plant stress in your plants several days to a week before you could detect it with your eyes.

Highlights include the a 100 EUR plant sensor that can detect the health of your plants several days to a week before you can see plant stress, an inexpensive sensor for a inexpensive home growing system, a home biogas digester, a air filter that uses plants to more effectively filter the air and more.

In this episode, John attends the International 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to share with you a handful of tech gadgets introduced at this years CES that will enable you to grow food easier indoors or out using automated systems to take some of the labor out of growing food. You will discover many gardening tech gadgets unveiled in this episode filmed at CES 2019 in January.

You will learn about the following items in this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
00:48 You Don’t Need Gardening Tech to Grow Food
02:45 Seed Sheet – Low Cost $15 Garden with Bluetooth Sensor for $30
05:54 Clairy Air Purifying Planter – Filterless Natural Air Purifier Using Plants to Clean Your Air

09:20 Bluagro – 100 EUR ~ $115 Near Infared Plant Sensor to tell you if your plants are stressed several days to a week before you could detect it with the human eye
11:40 Ava Byte – Connected Easy to Grow Indoor Garden Just Add Water
byteme19 to save 24% off
14:05 HomeBioGas – Turn Your Waste into Energy and Fertilizer
CES2019 to save $50

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30 Responses

  1. Veratu 117 says:

    Anyone on this channel have any advice on how to sow longevity spinach from seeds?

  2. Shih Tzus Rule says:

    Thanks. Really liked this. I've seen the biogas and stove on a youtube ad off these gardening videos, maybe even one of yours, along with a solar grill (but kind of bright for eyes). There were some other products but I don't remember them. These were the 2 that I wanted. I've been meaning to make a stationary bicycle set up that can generate electricity and store it in a battery. 20 minutes of pedaling = 4 hours of electric use. Our town has a gas well and has made electricity with it. There is probably a way biogas could generate electricity. Think of how great it would be to decrease sewage, treated or otherwise, being dumped in rivers or streams. Our raw water source has cryptosporidium in it from all of the industrialized farming run off, chemical fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides. Our town, population 9000, has a microfilter system to filter out the crypto, it is not required by EPA but it gives them credits for the heavy metals and other things the EPA does require water plants to treat for. Most towns don't microfilter for crypto.

  3. ananda says:

    How is your harvestright doing

  4. Home Gardens says:

    Nice video John. Helping struggling plants can be the difference between a bad and great crop.

  5. Peter Pan says:

    Wow great

  6. Stacey Here we grow again says:

    I love helping people to fix their struggling plants! Thanks for sharing!

  7. CustomGardenSolutions says:

    John love the biogas product. It would be awesome if you could use that methane gas for heating a greenhouse in cold weather climates.
    One of your better episodes thanks John.

  8. gast says:

    John, could you make a survival video for the Yellow Vests? What people can easily grow in France to make it through the hard times ahead? Thanks!

  9. semiotically says:

    john if you really want people to farm, like you say it's not tech needed, it is access to land. Land is a right. You should campaign for this to be reflected in Gov. policy using your YT credentials…

  10. semiotically says:

    had to pause this video – need a hype equaliser to listen to this…

  11. Free Thinker says:

    Just so you are aware john, seems like you're louder than usual. Guessing you feel the need to overcome the surrounding noise. Great commentary 🙂

  12. Rich Sobocinski says:

    Plants love oxygen? I thought they liked CO²

  13. lynval walters says:

    It would be nice to see you using some of these products in your garden and do more planting videos

  14. americanwillow says:

    This is a disappointing video in terms of what is highlighted – more closely, in terms of what looks appealing to use possibly.

  15. DeadeyeJoe37 says:

    That would be a big perk of living in Vegas, being able to go down the street and go to CES every year.

  16. smokey mcbongwater says:

    Thanks Jon 4 the great info the 209triangle harold Wilton galt cannabis culter famley jah bless all

  17. Ferngold McLeod says:

    Love you, John, but this one is probably my least favorite video that I've seen by you. These inventions mostly seem like they are too high tech for the problems they are meant to solve. Massive amounts of resources into growing, or composting, very small amounts of food. I hope people will be willing to integrate some lower-tech, common sense methods into these areas of their lives, as deploying such high tech at scale would seem to create more problems than it would solve.

  18. Tex Santos says:

    Please stop saying "litterly". If you must use the word every few sentences (incorrectly), pronounce it at least. Mostly just playing. I love your videos. Peace.

  19. Robert Perlini says:

    John for president

  20. eddie wap says:

    You do a great job filming by yourself

  21. Shonita Garcia says:

    So cool! I've seen some of these gadgets before, especially the biogas system on another YouTuber's channel from Europe! Great share! Thanks for sharing this!

  22. Asif Inam says:

    Camera Sensor looks useful…

  23. Randy Connare says:

    Connected shower is part of the globalist 2030 agenda. With a smart meter they can ration your water.

  24. Devon Henry says:

    Could you use the Bluetooth sensor outside?

  25. Google Fucking Sucks! says:

    Oh Snap, I actually want the Clariy air purifier!

  26. Google Fucking Sucks! says:

    Thank God, you opened with this statement!
    I wasn't able to get past that mindset…

  27. Peter Pan says:

    "1000 things nobody needs" 😉 Thumbs down for this one.

  28. Rich Stone says:

    Tech is not my thing but watched this anyway and gave you a thumbs up because you're the man Brother. Thanks

  29. 7Savings Garden says:

    Tech that helps me grow my plants stress free, Love it, especially the sensor and thanks for the information

  30. Naughty Goy 4 says:

    Oh yea jon never forget the USS liberty and the men and women that died that day shout out the gdl for protecting us

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