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My new home…I have no clue what one day to the next will bring, but today I feel..normal…
Its going to take along time to transition..but what makes me the happiest is when I can go out and homestead and care for animals and plants and dig and plant and all the things that God blesses us with
So today is a good day…Embrace those days…they are special!


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39 Responses

  1. juli tuli says:

    i think if the ex was worth 2 cents he would just split the homestead with you and he'd live on one part you the other sorry bstrd. Just sayin

  2. miriamspandereta says:

    Dear Friends of Starry: Our dear sister Starry Hilder is going through a VERY difficult time right now. She has serious life threatening bacteria. You can read more about it and her condition on her Patreon page, on the GoFundMe page set up by her sister, or you can just do a search on YERSINIOSIS. She needs your prayers for recovery. And, If you have learned from her homesteading videos, been blessed by her faith devotions, or cheered up by her humorous escapades, and wish to help her financially, please look up Starry Hilder on the GoFundMe website and consider making a donation. She will very likely be unable to work her job through the end of 2018 as the recovery process is long.

  3. Clara Salaam says:


  4. glenn porche says:

    Some of the best, experience divorce! There are silver linings, to dark clouds. Your going to be just fine! Time heals, and you won't. Be long, finding your significant other. Don't cry Starry.

  5. glenn porche says:

    You lovely!

  6. glenn porche says:

    Beautiful Wisconsin! Forget the past. Your the best lady!

  7. gloria says:

    Starry..plz continue doing what you do…you have many care for you…we want to see you do much better than being married…in God's time He will surprise you with a bigger gift that you never imagined…that's the answer to my player for you…with one condition when we live as God's good girls.

  8. Harry Wolfgang says:

    Work best thing for the soul. Grounds everyone

  9. Judy A. Shroads says:

    Starry, the smile is there and you look like there's a new life ahead. Keep it up. Nice ppl to share their property with you and Mario.
    I hope you got to bring alot of your canned goods to help you begin to a great journey Take care.

  10. thomas villnave says:

    hi seen a few your videos so I wanted to say something. iam in Winthrop ny but lived in borger tx for 30 plus years. I hd a nice garden here but gave up on it because my 78 year old mother kept driving over everything with her golf cart. iam building a full off grid rv so got a few years to go to finesh. god should be first in everyones life then however it works out well it is what it is but at least I don't stay up at night and say to myself what have I done wronge in my life

  11. Melinda Weaver says:

    Bless you Starry been there done that and yes you must get back to the things you love and take care of yourself and be happy .Love  you girl, God has blessed you.

  12. Christine McConnell says:

    Me thinks you all have adopted each other. So nice to do things for each other too.

  13. Christine McConnell says:

    What's a little bit poop when you can love on soft furry rabbits. Have you God a chicken buddy get?

  14. Marcy's Eco Village Life says:

    You are very blessed.

  15. Sticksbass says:

    what do homesteaders do w rabbits?

  16. Julian says:

    So why they broke up?

  17. Deana Wade says:

    i didn't know Rabbit's eat bananas… huh learned something.

  18. catsintexas says:

    you can tell it is really a nice wild farm happy place there…BY THE LOUD NOISE by the overzealous roosters and the dog and…wow that gets loud. but its friendly loud. I, too, am going through life changes and am trying to regain my normalcy. I have a new and better job where I get the weekends off and can improve my social life and time spent meditating in the forest again.

  19. catsintexas says:

    do they let you have Mario around, the dog? Its happy to hear good news from you. You will have new adventures!

  20. Heather Morehouse says:

    I just found your channel and you make my heart sing! <3 the rabbits!

  21. Angie Baby cakes says:

    How do people dislike this ?? She is so strong and inspiring!

  22. Grace Hig says:

    You are truly a beautiful soul. Please remember this scripture….God is close to the broken hearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalms 34:18. Blessings from Hawaii.

  23. J. L. Murphey says:

    Not only does rabbits love bananas they love the peels too. Life after divorce is actually easier than death. I've been through both. Give yourself time to heal. Be yourself and love yourself.

  24. The life of Nina says:

    You go girl ❤

  25. the little fairy lady says:

    Grief is grief yes.
    I too, was divorced many years ago. A brief marriage, with a child. I lost both.
    God bless you on your journey Starry! I love you xxxx

  26. Michele Lavender says:

    I dont know how any guy could let this gorgeous lady slip away

  27. Todd says:

    That rooster is a star! And a show-off!

  28. Tipton Shelton says:

    We're glad to see the smile on see you starting to get back on your feet you ever want to change of scenery out here on the desert homesteads the clinic is always looking for nurses and PAs we just lost our doctor and lost two good nurses which sucks we have to drive 90 miles to see a doctor now ouch but we know you're doing good and that is good to see Lord will bless all the time and always put new paths in our way to learn he's definitely gave you a new chapter in your life and it's a blessing in disguise God bless from Carl and Linda Desert Homestead

  29. Jo Dunlap says:

    If I could reach thru this screen and hug you, I would, believe me. You are a super duper inspiration and your prayers bring much comfort and peace. I love you to pieces, my special sister. God is truly shining thru your words and actions. You and I have something in common besides incredible loss… I have been a nurse since 1983. I would be working if I didn’t have this terminal gastric disease. I had a total pancreatectomy 4 years ago, as well as a splenectomy and partial colectomy due to genetic pancreatitis. As a result, I suffer malnutrition and lymphedema. So your prayers are incredibly fabulous and I love you ooples for your caring for my wellbeing. Thanks sister! Jo

  30. Lark Bird says:

    Nothing like a flock o' chickens to bring on smiles… 🙂

  31. idahomike100 says:

    You should have kicked him off the homestead and you stayed there.

  32. Mariana Zinsou says:

    Is not going back , it's just going forward to your new YOU.
    You are strongly supported by the Universe. I hope you recognise that.
    Please, don't keep the past in the now. Doesn't deserve your attention.
    Hugs from far away.

  33. Lolitabonita says:

    poop is very good for the garden…so do not waste it…

  34. Lolitabonita says:

    life gets better after divorce…and u will realize that what took u so long to see the new road to a better life…

  35. John Godwin says:

    Stay strong. You are doing good. Keep up the good work

  36. lekkki1 says:

    One other thing, please don't take down your videos with him in it, just edit him out. Please. I keep recommending you to other friends, it would be sad for you to have to take down videos that are so full of info and tips.

  37. lekkki1 says:

    Heya Starry, I don't communicate with you much, but I watch your vids a lot. No better source for excellent and actionable information along with a great sense of humor and genuine warmth. Keep your head up, never hide from us or the world, but most of all; take care of yourself.

  38. Denise Stich says:

    I really wish you would move down by your sister. Georgia is like Wisconsin, but warmer. It's cheaper living, More opportunities for nursing, you'd be closer to your sister, nephew, Patara and you can have a really nice homestead for dirt cheap.

  39. GrandmaSewHappy Homestead says:

    That is exactly how my daughter got her rabbit. She had wanted one and we found it across the road under a huge pine tree someone had Let it Loose we're guessing and it's been 4 years now. So the Lord blessed my daughter with a lion head and because she has fluffy hair and we explained to my granddaughter at the time that Einstein had fluffy hair my granddaughter named my daughter's rabbit Einsteina.. and my daughter's rabbit loves loves bananas. That is so great you are being blessed with a place to live and be surrounded with people who care about you and animals are so therapeutic. Sounds like you're heading in great Direction. Our family went through something pretty hard years ago and it is all about releasing it to the Lord and trust in him as he promises in his word that he gives back what Satan comes to kill steal and destroy. It took me a while to but I've got the joy back in a way that I haven't been able to for so many years. God is faithful he will be there right with you and he will work in ways that will be a beautiful love story that only he can write for you. The Lord takes messes and makes messages out of them that will touch the lives of not only you but others. Be blessed my sister in Christ

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