Sunday building a pergola at the Organic garden, feeding the Cattle Banana trees garden

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A very busy day that started well before 6am and finished 8pm with the editing of this vlog, down on the farm and the continued building of the garden along with feeding the Cattle Banana trees.
YouTube vlog Gordon Tickle Thailand retired expat from UK

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27 Responses

  1. สุนิต ฟาวเลอร์ says:

    Internet good enough in Iraq to watch the progress, i do miss being involved.
    cant wait to get up there and give you some tips 555

  2. Fidelity Quester says:

    Those ladies work so hard Gordon, save them and their health by getting a banana shredder something like the one Leigh and Toon use.

  3. brian johnson says:

    Why not grow some grape vines of different varieties at each corner to go over the top.

  4. Ross Oswald says:

    Come on Gordon at least he wearing hat, long sleeve shirt, long trousers and shoes not flip flops

  5. C Gj says:

    as GF would say "It's Turned Out Nice Again " Good progress again, another day nearer SMILES

  6. Larry Fournillier says:

    Things on the farm are looking up, Gordon. Thanks for the update. 🙂

  7. BarryH H says:

    He has only one pair of ears as well. He will be partial deaf before he is 50. Hope you had your ear muffs on?

  8. Ewen Gillies says:

    Glad to see you've learnt GT … we can't always ( ever ) be right…. WOMEN'S LAW …related to Murphy's. Garden coming along nicely will make a big difference long term. Yep … love all that O.H.& S. conformity by the Thais no need for Workers Comp. Catch ya next vlog. Bushyboy Oz.

  9. jeff george says:

    If a tree falls in the Forrest, are you still wrong? Look like the dam is not leaking any more, and maybe a good thing that you made the pond deeper. Keep up the good work!

  10. Kirk Wilson says:

    Forgot the beer, forgot the corn for the cows. GT is getting old!

  11. mr10man69 says:

    Excellent idea planting the Bamboo on the perimeter. When water is plentiful it grows like weeds and great food for the cattle. Now that is forward thinking at its best. It's Leo Thirty. Thanks Gordon. Cheers.

  12. Englishman in Malta says:

    What you talking about, how can your lady be wrong ? She's always right ? Even if wrong she's right , and your fault to think otherwise !!

  13. David Robert Thomas says:

    Just returned from Malaga and I'm busy catching up with your vlogs. Gordon, I've been away for a week and find you've almost completed developing a massive new garden. Bloody hell, Gordon don't bother using a time lapse on your camera – it's too slow for you.

  14. Stephen white says:

    Do you think the block walls for the raised beds are strong enough not to spread with the weight of the soil.

  15. Lester Hersh says:

    Would a wood chipper be a little bit better, manual labor ues no fuel

  16. TAXIMAN67 says:

    Think the veggie garden is going to a great asset to you.

  17. TheMarkbop says:

    Love the progress of the garden. My Mrs loves her atv as well but she was stealing mine as it has power steering so I bought her one like mine for Xmas. Buy Mae one she will love how much easier it is to drive and safer as well though it may be easy for her to ride one handed while sipping a Dr leo lol. Keep up the good work.

  18. raymond blood says:

    love it your truly blessed

  19. A Photographer in Thailand says:

    Hi Gordon , I love that layout , Is the water to the tap you showed in the video supplied by gravity form the tank and is it fed by the mains , also have you laid pipes to automatically water . just being Bung . Roy

  20. thaibillyboy says:

    Looking good Gordon, coming along nice. How is Geoffrey by the way? Have not seen him in Thailand for an age, hope he is well.

  21. Jack Hill says:

    Indeed, its "Leo o'clock" somewhere Gordon! Great update. I hear you regarding safety equipment. Provide it for them, remind them…still don't wear it. The cattle are looking great…and looking just like a bunch of puppies following you everywhere. You have them spoiled well. :). Love watching the garden come together and now the pergola is up. Nice! Be fun watching Mark and crew get those raised beds up for you. Thanks for another great adventure in the Heaven of the North! Take care.

  22. Billy Johnson says:

    Anytime you want a beer remember what Jimmy Buffet said it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

  23. Billy Johnson says:

    I know one thing your never board. You probably work harder now then you ever did.

  24. Ian Wheldale says:

    It's amazing what those rice fields look like after they've been harvested and the cows have been let loose in them afterward. I did a top-down shot with the drone of the fields by my house this morning. It looks like a scene from the Mohave desert. Probably going to Queen Sirikit Botanical gardens soon. I'll see how it compares to yours 🙂

  25. Martin B says:

    Brilliant video. Chock full of interest… seriously… enjoyed it too the max.

  26. Phyllis 4466 says:

    Scruffy looks like he's wearing a toupee` with a perm. 555

  27. Willy Van Uden says:

    You have to get pick-up for your fram

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