Survival skills: Catch red ants on tree grilled on clay for food – Cooking ants eating delicious #37

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Hi, this video I want to show you about: Catch red ants on tree grilled on clay for food – Cooking ants eating delicious #37
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25 Responses

  1. Sakshi Khan says:

    Cheeeeeee yr

  2. fernandes sophie says:

    à un moment, je me demande si c'est les feuilles qu'elle va manger ou les fourmis :D, elle a toujours ses aulx et ses piments avec elle :)…c'était bien les fourmis! elle bouffe tout ce qu'elle trouve et on ne sait pas si c'est toujours bon vu les grimaces qu'elle fait en mangeant et cette façon qu'elle a de remuer la tête, voir le corps ! perso, jvoudrais pas tomber dans les vaps devant elle, elle est horrible!!!

  3. Debbie Goble says:

    She is so sick.,it makes no sense to me she is gagging eating this….funny…

  4. Shibina Sherin says:

    Pls stop this program.very bad.

  5. Angel 123 says:

    Can she eat humans? Im just curious to know

  6. Richard Cantin says:

    The hunt is part of the thrill in your videos. Takes a lot for you to get a meal, many take for granted and waste in other places around the world. A real way of living!!! You are truly blessed!!

  7. Uma Uchiha says:

    As formigas Morderão até o Priquito da moça

  8. Hector's Freash says:

    When it was burning I saw a red ant move to get out Rip

  9. Lily of the Valley says:

    Omg, i just know that ants are edible

  10. Voja Kozeta says:


  11. Akanksha Gupta says:


  12. Sanad Amad says:

    Ewww ants and all kinds of insects aren’t supposed to be eaten btw this can be dangerous for you and this won’t make you full at all….LoL

  13. monster over says:

    Mặt thì như ma, mà toàn ăn món kinh dị

  14. اميره الهدوء says:

    تعلزفلتبدر ت رظذوبزيب

  15. chinni chinni chinni chinni says:

    Devil women

  16. Rafa craft says:

    i'm from Indonesia

  17. Amal Abbas says:

    Burung2 ngak kebaggian di santab karo wong rakus

  18. fan dieu nhi says:

    Con kien ma ba cung an

  19. Va Bella says:


  20. Shades Gaming says:

    Do u guys have a local
    Mc donalds….

  21. hobi myhope says:

    In indonesia we eat ant for medical purpose

  22. hobi myhope says:

    Youre indonesian rght??

  23. Keonna’s World says:

    Are u from Laos cuz u look like it

  24. zol Gamerpsiquica says:

    I will always like your videos, I like them

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