Survival skills: Catch snails & grilled with peppers for food – Cooking snails eating delicious #32

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Hi, this video I want to show you about: Catch snails grilled with peppers for food – Cooking snails eating delicious #32
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22 Responses

  1. Harish J says:

    This all items u only eat or u will share with camera man

  2. Barney Stinson says:

    Parasite city

  3. Mehtap Polat says:


  4. WorldWide Alien says:

    wtf the audio it's like I'm watching porn

  5. Leigh Cooper says:

    Some of the shots are unnecessarily sexual. I get the feeling this is a husband and wife team, with the husband taking advantage of his wife's extraordinary survival skills to create videos. That's cool, but the cleavage and up skirt shots are not.

  6. Ayham Ayham says:

    وين العرب هون

  7. Sumi Yati says:

    Sorry, which person and from which country?

  8. romeo romei says:

    SEXY GIRL!!!

  9. Lacosta Lacosta says:


  10. maria kalogeraki says:

    She doesnt look healthy though. Sweaty and swollen face

  11. Pain Made Me says:

    Mmmmm random snails………. I never ate snails.

  12. Myrtz C. says:

    had a good laugh when you saw the first shell and just slowly spit the water out of your mouth

  13. andy setya says:

    Sedulur la endi iki

  14. TopRelaxMusic says:

    This woman is agile and dangerous, she always wants to eat. I hope her husband is all right. ))

  15. qwerty urmomgay says:

    Nggak bikin rumah makan aja kak?

  16. Nontombi Pitoyi says:

    My crush!

  17. killer Jake says:

    I'm hungry now

  18. Carlos Arias Alvarez says:

    What flavor do they have?

  19. Gavieno Campbell says:

    Still haven't catched the camera man

  20. Sigma Path says:

    I remember having those fresh snails as lunch when I was a kid. Those things are delicious and healthy treat overall. Cheers for the escargo!

  21. hermanas por siempre says:


  22. Sonitaa M says:

    The cameraman cld be her husband or a boyfriend lol

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