Survival skills: Find meet natural coconut & banana for eat – Coconut & banana eating delicious #34

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Hi, this video I want to show you about: Find meet natural coconut & banana for eat – Coconut & banana eating delicious #34
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29 Responses

  1. yaya yaya says:


  2. soso لبصراويه says:

    فدوه شلون حياة بسيطة

  3. Marina Khan says:

    I hate you ok

  4. جلنار ياوردة الرمان says:

    ذبحتني بهاي الوزرة وهذني البديات الاثنين لو هذا الزيتوني لو هذاك الاحمر شنو ما عندچ غيرهن!

  5. Ẩm Thực Miền Tây says:

    Bắt con gì vậy

  6. Uoomaporn Peng says:

    น่าจะค่อยๆกินยังกะกลัวใครแย่ง ระวังจะติดคอ

  7. Samiran Majumdar says:


  8. Samiran Majumdar says:

    Why did she broke whole tree

  9. Sumi Yati says:

    Sorry, which person and from which country?

  10. Bonquin Doyeth says:

    What country..

  11. Tika Mishra says:

    This people have all kinds of foods available man come on more than America

  12. Rabbit Vlogs says:

    Do u hVE TO catch food everyday ❣️

  13. W S says:

    I want see your home!

  14. Asst Admin says:

    big monkey

  15. meka olapa says:


  16. marie downey says:

    beautiful location many great shot excellent camera work i love it she's so funny i have fun watching her we all so boring compared to her yet these people never stop complaining such a pain

  17. Savvy Lee says:

    U are the person I would want to be healthy gorgeous and independent

  18. zizou tv says:

    والله بطنك راح يصير حجر ههههههه اشربي الماي عشان تسلكين بالطواليط

  19. Lupita Ruiz Santos says:

    Esa señora solo am brienta anda y hace mucho ruido al comer

  20. Esther Viscu says:

    Desperdicia algunos que no esta maduro los plátanos

  21. Conchita Hernande says:

    Se acabaron las reservas jeje

  22. Snapper 02 says:

    Personally I think she is beautiful. My old lady does nothing at all but sit on the couch and eat non stop. If she isnt at the bar. Be happy fellas dont end up with a useless sack of shit like I have at home. And no I'm not mean, just finally fed up after years of her lazy behavior.

  23. صباح محمد محمد says:

    فظيعه شو عفنه يامخلوقه وشرنه

  24. Noor Ali says:

    شكيد مقرفة

  25. Bhava Kutty says:

    This village is from????

  26. Kh Khan says:

    abnormal big stomach

  27. Amanda Lucia says:

    Que bom banana não está matando os bichos

  28. sue Gsue says:

    Wear some footwear ..dun know how you can walk barefoot in the jungle…you might step on to some creepies…use 3/4 pants to prevent scratches on your legs n not short sarong.

  29. Bảo Ngọc says:

    Nhìn mặt uống trái dừa kinh vl

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