Survival Skills : Find Milk Natural fruit in forest – eating delicious

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Hello !! to day I want to show you about videos : Survival Skills : Find Milk Natural fruit in forest – eating delicious
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15 Responses

  1. Dr. Saeed says:

    A nasty girl.

  2. Dr. Saeed says:

    There's no any sexy view to make subscribe.

  3. 李美佳 says:

    你食嘢好可愛, 但係你唔好忘記要還保, 你把你食完的東西英六個海裏面堆積如山, 到時候 風景美有這麼美麗, 變咗垃圾嘅渠口, 我哋要珍惜大自然

  4. Pazl Pazl says:


  5. waldemir miguez says:

    Hello! Beautiful and sensual

  6. เดชา คงสุวรรณ says:


  7. Elaine Xavier Faleiros Pacheco says:

    Que coisa feia….jogando os restos no rio….cadê a educação…cadê o zelo pela natureza!!!

  8. مصيبه محد يكدرلي says:

    3:26like the money

  9. Raiane Gonzaga says:

    Já pegou todos os bixos agora ta sem nada pra comer,os bixos correm quando ver eles,tenho medo desse povo passar uns dias vai comer e gente

  10. dalim ali says:

    I'm so interested watching ur video sister

  11. Bobby Flakes Jr says:

    Please do not fall out of that tree. I don't have broken-heart insurance

  12. Adnan Power says:

    What is the name of this fruit

  13. Quy Cong Ty Quy says:

    Xả rác xuống suối cớ sao k ô nhiễm nguồn nước

  14. Rokim 5555 says:

    Enak banget ni apel genitu ….

  15. apostolis k says:

    wow…welcome back..

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