Survival skills: Finding Natural Papaya in Wild for Food – Ripe papaya eating delicious

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Hi, this video I want to show you about: Finding Natural Papaya in Wild for Food

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29 Responses

  1. Princess Tayag says:

    Why does she always breathe like that whenever she eat? Stop overacting, please. Eat slowly. No one will take your food.

  2. Rob Smith says:

    Hell yea take down half that tree with you savage style

  3. Rob Smith says:

    You don't need no man look at you go girl.

  4. Shan Ziya says:

    Wow super pappayaa

  5. Sona Ankush says:

    Nice ji

  6. isha rose isha rose says:

    wow good..

  7. يارب الله says:

    ادعولي يا اخواتي الله يرزقني الولد يارب دعوه الغريب مستجابه الله يخليكم ادعو لشوشو بنت فاطمه بالصبي يارب

  8. ศูนย์ปฏิบัติการบินที่9 ตรัง says:


  9. Gy Ut says:

    الحمدلله الذي عافاني ممن ابتلاه وإذا شاء فعل

  10. ميمو ميمو says:

    مفيش حد هنا يفهمني الست دي حكايتها ايه

  11. Anmol oraon says:


  12. Yavuz Üstünyağız says:


  13. Anima Bain says:

    She can eat slowly after all it's all hers and no one to share with. why she behaves like primitive stone age?

  14. mahananda d says:

    Sometimes like everybody is saying I also feel the same thing Y u eat like that like too much hungry.???? When I see your expressions for food I can't believe it I have seen is Dat ur real side or fake I don't know but I enjoy whatever it is

  15. hong trang says:

    ăn uống nhìn giống đói lâu ngày í ăn theo kiểu cứ sít xoa giống như cay lắm á

  16. Ester Fabrício says:

    Parece um cão chupando . Manga

  17. Guido Pio says:

    Descalsa no le pícara nada wauuu

  18. Misael Villalva says:

    Como come esa mujer

  19. Rashid ali Mayar says:

    V zl

    . C

  20. My Truongthi says:

    Ăn như chết đói.

  21. Melody Kakoma says:

    The way you're eating looks as if you stole that papaya and like you're afraid of being caught.

  22. วิไลวรรณ คําสะอาด says:


  23. Diyana bawell says:

    dsar bnian bgol

  24. yenifer rengifo valenzuela says:

    y por que come tan feo da asco con la boca cerrada

  25. جلنار ياوردة الرمان says:

    حيوانات وحشرات الغابة كلها تعرف طرزانة شو هاي تموت ع الخيسة!!!

  26. ester here says:

    Si q va a cagar lindo….

  27. LK Edits says:

    It's not a biggest thing….. podi….

  28. chinni Vassumeanon says:

    vammo em thindey babuuu needhii chiiii

  29. chi mera says:


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