Swallows in Deadly Oasis In The Sahara Desert | Africa | BBC

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These Swallows’ superb sense of direction take them to a much needed ocean of blue amongst the desert but on closer inspection, not is all at it seems. Taken from Africa. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub

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37 Responses

  1. Undead Ladybug says:

    Getting a meal and a drink in one package, nice.

  2. Taylor Doiron says:

    "Like a desert wanderer squeezing a drink from a cactus" probably mention never to drink water from a cactus… most of them contain bacteria that will induce vomiting and or diarrhea.

  3. Jalen Noa says:

    Imagine being one of the flies out of the billions of flies there.
    Me: man this life is great. What’re the chances of us being eaten billy?! Basically zero!
    Billy the Fly: hell yeah! I could do this for the rest of my li-
    Me: billy? Where did you go??

  4. Denny Jacob says:

    Ooh thats amazing

  5. Orion Magnus says:

    That's even scarier than The mummies…allllll parts..

  6. Mr. Suhaib says:

    Mashallah, thats life. Just as you trudge patiently through barren desert and reach an Oasis, youre reminded that you can never be completely relieved in this world.

  7. - Shiroyasha - says:

    Welcome back to "Why is this in my recommended" Episode 198

  8. xjanosikx says:

    Why people dislike this? Is it the oil company CEOs? They hate the planet?

  9. Dookiebutter says:

    I never really thought about it but flies are kind of like little gushers with wings

  10. Benjamin Farrington says:

    I thought it was weed in the thumbnail

  11. Steve Gitundu says:

    Nature is wonderful

  12. Mandy says:

    “But the birds need to be careful, for the sun has played a terrible trick.”
    Me: oh come on!

  13. Summaiya Nazneen says:

    Salted flies and Salted fries that how much different we are. That’s it!!!

  14. Saixah says:

    the birds eat the flies. and I eat the birds

  15. alipaf2002 says:

    blooy immigrants

  16. ctrain 8 says:

    Why am I here at 1:00 in the morning smh

  17. ctrain 8 says:

    His very voice makes me thirsty

  18. ghazwan rasheed says:

    Great kind God..who teaches the birds not go drink from the salty water..

  19. Анонимайзер says:

    Рай для птиц

  20. SumTotalOfHuman Knowledge says:

    We're so lucky that we grew up listening to this great man's voice and watching his documentaries.

  21. StopFear says:

    Damn those flies! You better not even try pooping!

  22. StopFear says:

    I heard that the desert tiles provide 1 and then 2 gold later in the game.

  23. Aidan Barnes says:

    I thought the oasis was a virtual reality video game?

  24. MrB1923 says:

    I remember when BBC nature was a documentary full of information and science.
    Now it's more to do with long scenery shots, manufactured drama and very little information.
    The BBC is lost in it's own world.

  25. MJ says:

    How do you know the insects purify water?

  26. Harshith Bangera says:

    Why does he mumble words within his mouth? Some words aren't clear :/ A horrible voice for narration!

  27. i n0 says:

    Allah's creation. Subhanallah

  28. Issac Gurung says:

    Flies filters the salty water?

  29. Rihand Parde says:

    The cameraman gotta be a tough nut for filming among all that buzzing chaos.

  30. Abdullah Hayat Khan says:

    Mash Allah

  31. Johnny Mejia says:

    I wish I was An animal

  32. Johnny Mejia says:

    They look like mini troops

  33. ngethe kinyanjui says:


  34. Qiao Yun Xi says:


  35. SweetSong says:

    The desert desert 🙂

  36. Tate Stewart Fan Club says:

    Ahh, so it was an African Swallow

  37. ps895 says:

    2:48 is one of the most beautiful footage captures I‘ve ever seen

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