Temperature Conversion Trick (Fahrenheit Celsius)

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Check out the fastest way to convert temperature from Ceclsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. To view all videos and solve tricky questions, visit our website here: https://dontmemorise.com/course/index.php?categoryid=39

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25 Responses

  1. Mark P says:

    Excellent! Thank you

  2. mattastic wild life says:

    FUN FACT!! -40C = -40F

  3. Mamta Raghav says:

    It is wrong
    Check 37celcius to f
    By this method ans is 104
    But the real ans is 98

  4. Ralf Baechle says:

    Sadly most people probably download a converter app or ask the favorite search engine …

    My personal method to calculate this conversion a bit faster but accurately: Start with the temperature in Celsius, multiply by 2, then subtract 10% from the value, add 32 (or 30 if I'm in a sloppy mood).

    Nice video!

  5. Gacha Guinsoo says:

    My solutions are

    °C To °F

    °F To °C

  6. Huner_207 ! says:

    So wait 0x2=0 +30=30 ISINT 0C = 32F???

  7. Brian Park says:

    Add 40. Multiply by either 5/9 or 9/5 (depending upon which way you are going), subtract 40.
    This exploits fact that at -40, both temps are the same.

  8. olddogg eleventy2 says:

    What about Kelvin…lol We don't want anyone left out someone may get offended.

  9. Mythili Samyuktha says:

    Fabulous ma'am

  10. 1kparmar says:

    If you don't now c is smaller than f you have far more issues than converting them 🙂

  11. Duke Of Hesse says:

    you can do the math or you could just ask Alexa.

  12. Michael Naisbitt says:

    This approximate conversion has been well known since sliced bread was invented. Anyone with basic arithmetic skills should know it

  13. cnordegren says:

    Indian people are very creative. That's a positive stereotype.

    I used to guesstimate the conversions but after watching this video I can make these calculations in under a second.

  14. Abdalgader Mohammed says:

    Why approximately if perfect possible? The difference is huge

  15. Durga prasad Donglee says:

    Tnq for ur information

  16. G Kess says:

    I’ll convert to Celsius when you guys quit using a comma in a number instead of a decimal point like the Good Lord intended.

  17. Chrono Serge says:

    With your formula, i think bigger number will produce more error. How about this :
    100 C = ? F
    100 x 2 = 200
    200 – (200/10) = 200 – 20 = 180
    180 + 32 = 212 F

    17 C = ? F
    17 *x 2 = 34
    34 – (34/10) = 34 – 3.4 = 30 or 31
    30 + 32 = 62 F
    Its more accurate. Just round the decimal if its troublesome.

  18. Mihai (Yuri) says:

    I have a better trick. Get rid of Fahrenheit and problem is solved. And while at it, also get rid of the other pointless measurement units and use the international standard

  19. Sean Austin says:

    (C+40) 9/5 – 40 = F
    (F+40) 5/9 – 40 = C

  20. danceswithcritters says:

    fahrenheit is for dinosaurs. (and Americans)

  21. Al Koenig says:

    Close enough for government work.

  22. foff44 says:

    to be a little closer you double the celsius temp and add 25 not 30, 37.4C is 100F , double the temp 75 add 25 = 100

  23. Devara Alandra says:

    just use 2 + 2 = 4 – 3 +1

  24. Stark Got says:

    I guess I’m gone use my phone as always

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