Tesla and EV Charging Etiquette

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With more Teslas and electric cars arriving on the market in 2019, we will slowly be faced with congestion and waiting times at Superchargers and Destination or Rapid DC charging stations. Here are 5 tips that EV owners can exercise to ensure that everyone has a positive experience of driving and owning an electric vehicle.

Many thanks to Naush from YouTube channel, Tesla In the Gong for joining us in this discussion. Check out his awesome videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvJ5GKgox4zUj-SiuRh8gXQ

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7 Responses

  1. bill nipp says:

    #4 confused me. I thought you were saying dont use your home supercharger, meaning the charger at your house lol

  2. Ashley Hill says:

    Have discussed the home supercharger issue aswell, and totally agree. Our point was home charger limited to maybe twice per month free else is at rates.

  3. Tesla In The Gong says:

    Bro. Thank for having me. Thanks for the plug. Appreciate it.

  4. Jason says:

    Don’t you think it is a bit over-the-top and draconian to say to people who spend a small fortune on an EV that they can’t use this charger, can use that one but make sure you move your car otherwise consequences apply (within reason)? Surely Tesla and the others could put more charging stations in if it is an issue in a location. This stuff really puts me off getting an EV as I just don’t want the drama that goes with using a charging station – what if I get held up and take 55 mins to get back to my car? Do I get yelled at by some nutcase?!

  5. Giovanni Fagone says:

    do you get a notification on your phone/app when your car is charged or reached 80%? or do you just set an alarm?

  6. Mark Tiller says:

    If you're coming home from a long journey, then your home supercharger might be necessary to to make it to your home or destination

  7. Brian Joslyn says:

    1. Common sense.

    2. When on long trips, which is when superchargers are meant to be used, it can be good to charge to 100%. The recommendation is to not ALWAYS charge to 100%. When not on trips long enough to need to charge, there's no reason to charge to 100% and thus isn't smart since it's not good for the battery.

    3. Sometimes there's not a supercharger close enough to only charge for up to 40~45 minutes. I've mapped from one location to another several times and there are supercharger stops that specifically state to charge for as long as one hour and sometimes longer.

    4. There's no such thing as a "home supercharger." A home plug can be used to charge or there are 'home chargers' that can be purchased and installed to use.

    5. Common sense.

    Only Tesla's can use superchargers. There are destination chargers that any electric vehicle can use. Not everyone is going to have a Tesla. I believe it's Mercedes that I heard is planning their own charging locations. There are locations that more chargers could always be added over time.

    It's not until 2030 in which all new vehicles sold will be all electric. It's currently estimated that by 2050 it will be illegal to (at least) drive ICE vehicles.

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