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An enjoyable days work on our Thailand-farm.
The main part of the day was spent fruit-spraying with our new manually operated bug-sprayer.

After the bug-spraying was complete it was time to get out of the heat of the day & have a tasty Thai lunch with our beloved dog Bambi.

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Welcome to Toon & Leigh porpeang farm Thailand (Youtube channel started April 2017).

We live in the quiet Prang Sila Thong district of Kampheang Phet.

The late King of Thailand ~ Rama IX (King Bhumibol Adulyadej) was a great teacher of leading a porpeang farming existence.
Porpeang centres around being as close to self sufficiency as possible & not concentrating on growing one crop. The selling of any surplus goes towards buying essentials such as clothes & fuel etc.
It is a way of life that creates very little waste, uses few chemicals & can help the local community.
The vast diversity that can be achieved within a small area is amazing & brings the farmer closer to nature.
Choosing to live the porpeang way can be a steep learning curve with livestock, fish, fruits & vegetables all needing care & attention.
In addition to the farm we are also constructing a jungle style fishing lake.

Cheers Toon & Leigh
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Mainly by good friend Neil Harvey. You rock mate!

In the lower north of Thialand on the bank of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet is about halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Areas along the river bank at present-day city used to host several ancient towns which had played a major role as strategic front-lines since Sukhothai was the kingdom’s capital down through the times of Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin (Bangkok) eras. In fact, the name Kamphaeng Phet actually means “walls as strong as diamonds”

Its great history fell into oblivion & Kamphaeng Phet was an ordinary, smallish province city until the establishment of the historical park and its listing as a World Heritage site in 1991. Still, Kamphaeng Phet is—unlike its well-known neighbour Sukhothai—ignored by the main flow of tourists. Some may view this as a drawback, but those looking to experience the authentic, upcountry Thialand, are coming just to the right place

The province is subdivided in 11 districts:
Mueang Kamphaeng Phet
Sai Ngam
Khlong Lan
Khanu Woralaksaburi
Khlong Khlung
Phran Kratai
Lan Krabue
Sai Thong Watthana
Pang Sila Thong
Bueng Samakkhi
Kosamphi Nakhon

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  1. kartoon gallagher says:

    ซื้อเครื่องฉีดยามา500 ใช้แป๊บเดียวพัง เซ็งเลย

  2. Jonas Johnsson says:

    Why do you feed the sausage all the time!? The bricks you have as a table must be perfect for scorpions, spiders, small snakes, well everything that fits in a Thai wook!

  3. George Sweeten says:

    How many Rai is the farm?

  4. Lorne Vandermark says:

    At first, I didn't think I would like your videos very much, however, after watching a few of them I actually find you two guys pretty entertaining. Toon is very funny and you, Leigh, ain't too bad either. I think I will keep up on your videos. Thank you

  5. Andrew Naylor says:


  6. Warager says:

    lol i love it. the tank is almost bigger than Toon 🙂

  7. Sean smith says:

    Hello guys,, is the bamboo for eating or building ? and how much can you get for it ? if you don't mind me asking,,

  8. Kirk Wilson says:

    You gotta tell her that her joooooob, is a hoe .

  9. JD's Asia Travel says:

    Thanks for the shout out and another great video, im enjoying the insight into the rural life in Thailand

  10. Harry inHuaHin says:

    It'll be years before either of you will be growing old, gracefully or otherwise – I like the humour on your channel.

  11. Our Life Thai says:

    Who else do I know that follows his wife around with a camera while she works!!!

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