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Come join me while I reflect on 2018 and set my sights on 2019 in this Thank U, Next themed bullet journal spread!

First I review 2018 by journaling my gratitude, lessons, wins, and memories and taking an honest look at how I did in the categories of Health, Love, Career, Finance, Social, and Fun. I then picked my word and focus of the year and set goals for the new year!

This is sort of my take on New Year’s Resolutions in my BuJo. I hope you like it!

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xo Elizabeth

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24 Responses

  1. S Rose says:

    My word for 2019 is Stride. I want to develop better everyday habits that enabled me to flourish because I have things done and can focus on growth opportunities. The phrase I use is find my stride so I can flourish. So I set goals each month hoard finding my stride and flourishing but each month I'll set a different set of goals. I do have the plan to get my novel ready for a content editor. (One of the things this editor does is improve the flow of the story and improved the peaks and valleys in the story as opposed to one who corrects grammar and spelling.)

  2. S Rose says:

    I also have anxiety and that includes social anxiety and occasional panic attacks. I went to a naturalpathic doctor and they ran a blood test for my copper level and it was way way high.. I am taking a pretty heavy dose of zinc which helps flush out copper and it really is helping reduce my anxiety.

    The other thing that has helped me a great deal is learning inner Focusing. Here is a link to the place where I took my classes.
    by working with my inner parts that had anxieties I've been able to work through triggers and have less anxiety in my day-to-day life.. that's not an affiliate link I get no benefit from you clicking on it and going to visit them.

  3. ThekocholateJournalist says:

    This is such a creative spread, I love it so much!

  4. Otto Cocino says:

    OMG! Love this!!!!!!!

  5. kaylee arianna says:

    when ur a local and call her airiana

  6. ZaBeth Marsh says:

    Goal for 2019 is to find more joy in life; my word for 2019 is Joy.

  7. Aracely Rodriguez says:

    This taught me love,
    and this taught me patience
    and this helps my pain

  8. Rebecca Rosengaard says:

    I am grateful for you too, bae. <3

  9. sarah cisco says:

    So creative ! Biggest lesson this year was to let go and move with the flow of life, not to try and repeat the past or hold onto things that drain me and are toxic for my well being. Biggest goal for 2019 is to graduate, have loads of fun in my final year of hs 😀 and to keep learning and growing !

  10. Lisa Greghi says:

    What i do to stick to a budget is bringing as little money as possible with me, just what i need for the day and forgetting that i have a card with money on because it's easy to go over budget with it

  11. HeyHiHelloBujo says:

    Did the lipstick stain the other page or smear on the other page when the journal is closed?

  12. Kendra Andersen says:

    Thank you for the video! I had no idea that you had a day job. I'm super impressed that you're able to do so much bullet journaling and YouTube while working!

    It's refreshing to hear people talking about mental health frankly. Although I personally haven't struggled with anxiety/depression, that doesn't mean I am able to neglect my mental state! One thing I've had to be careful of recently is how I can feel extremely guilty after making a mistake. I have to remind myself of the lessons I've learned from the experience and tell myself not to beat myself up over it and keep moving on, better prepared for next time.

  13. Sunshine RL says:

    I also have to keep a close eye on my mental health. And it seems like a huge drag. So I don't do it and I get dragged down. 😛 it's definitely not fun but I also have to keep up on my mental health. :/

  14. PhysiqueQuantique says:

    Thank you for sharing these two pages! I really admire the strength and vulnerability with which you speak about the difficult parts of your life. As for fiction, I can't pass up the opportunity to recommend 'Next Year for Sure' by Zoey Leigh Peterson, which was my favourite book of 2018.

    I think the biggest lesson I learned in 2018 is that my brain is good at convincing me that I'm no good at what I do etc. etc. etc., but when I look at the facts, I'm doing a lot better than I think I am. My biggest goal for 2019 is to try seeing things the way they truly are, and not the way my mental illness thinks they are. That means checking in with myself more often, doing some reality checking with the outside world, and reminding myself of what's in my control versus what isn't.

  15. Queen28m says:

    The biggest lesson for me in 2018 was to relinquish control and let others help me. I went through a very complicated pregnancy, but it thought me to lean on others and stop trying to be this strong independent woman. Thanks for sharing this very honest video. Bullet journaling has really kept me sane this year!!

  16. Shaysp says:

    The biggest lesson that I learned in 2018 was that I had been putting myself into a box of who my anxiety wanted me to be, rather than who I actually am. And basically what was happening was that I was completely isolating myself from the people I love and experiences that I'd wanted to have because I thought that was the way I was able to manage my anxiety, but it just ended up making me more depressed which made me isolate more. My goal for 2019 is to go out and do things, whether it be the things that I know that I already love or trying out new things. And I want to practice actual self care, rather than "laying on my bed for hours at a time watching subpar tv" which was what I was trying to pass off as self care in 2018.

    And my favorite fiction author is Neil Gaiman, all of his books are amazing, but I especially recommend The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

  17. Emma Thornburg says:

    I love this video. You asked for budget tips, I got myself to stop overspending in my problem areas by using the envelope method. Like, if you spend more than you want to on art supplies, you first make sure that you have art supplies as a part of your budget, and figure out how much you want to spend on that per month. Then you get an envelope and write “art supplies” on it and put that month’s amount of money in the envelope in cash. Thats all you get to spend on art supplies that month. It helps you consider a purchase more both because you’re less likely to buy something if you’re paying cash, and because you can visually see when you’re about to go over budget. Also, “The Financial Diet” on YouTube has great tips and ideas for what you can do to get better with your money

  18. Catherine Warren says:

    Please please please give illuminae a read! It’s a good series that I didn’t think I’d enjoy because I don’t do space stuff but it sucks you in. I also heard it’s a good audio book but the book has so many different things that it almost feels interactive.

  19. Alyssa Bloom says:

    Omg Liz literally had so many points that were similar to my 2018 and 2019 !! …. Love your journals so much ! I suffer from anxiety as well and something that helps alot is reiki healing sessions , floating tanks and sound baths for chakra healing ❤

  20. Echa Kiut says:

    This is genius idea, i didnt see anyone doing this theme

  21. Liza Adams says:

    Aargh, you are so lovely! I've enjoyed following you this past year and I really pray you have a wonderful year ahead as you totally deserve it! I'm looking forward to another year with you and your wonderful talents, I so appreciate you sharing with us! Hugs from New Zealand!

  22. It’s Cherry’s Thing says:

    Love watching your videos! You have such unique concept for bullet journal theme. And we both have the same word of the year, omg! Hope we both conquer 2019!

  23. ryttu3k says:

    I have some sci fi recs, then! The Wayfarers trilogy by Becky Chambers – I've only read the first two (The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet, and A Closed And Common Orbit), but I loved them both and can't wait to read the third! Kim Stanley Robinson's New York 2140 – it's post-apocalyptic with a definite hopeful streak. On The Edge Of Gone by Corinne Duyvis – it's post-apocalyptic with an autistic main character and I just. Love seeing ND characters surviving and thriving in crappy situations. Also, some wonderful anthologies – Humans Wanted, Ecopunk!, Sunvault, and Glass & Gardens.

    I have a reflection/goals spread on my Instagram (ryttu3k), if you want to check it out!

  24. Stargleam Roberts says:

    For me it's physical health that's the problem. I have cancer in my muscle, bone, skin, lung, lymph and liver. Miraculously I'm still walking around, and may still survive for a while, with medicines and chemo. I'd thoroughly back up your drive to find fun. Fun is the most healing thing there is. X

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