The 2019 Garden Plan

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In this video, Jason from the Big Bear Homestead is sharing their 2019 garden plan. jason talks about the different things they are going to do this year in their garden.

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30 Responses

  1. The Rustic Ranch Garden says:

    Hello, there. great video, great ideas. This will be my 2nd year in gardening. I've subscribed to your channel. Thank, Bertha – The Rustic Ranch Garden. Del Rio, Tx.

  2. J B says:

    Hi. Can you help me. I dream of homesteading but I travel because I am a construction worker and work 5 10 hour days a week. Can I grow my own vegetable garden? Please help if you can. No one addresses my situation. I will be in West va for the forseable future. Thank you

  3. Haywire Homestead says:

    Jason what a fantastic ideo! Love that you are using several different methods of gardening!! I can’t wait to see what works for you. We are waiting another month to start seeds we don’t have cold frames but I am hoping to get some row covers

  4. Clueless Homesteaders says:

    Yet people still think USDA inspected food is safer than what you or I are growing! It’s tiring…

  5. Jim's In Town Gardening says:

    Jason, I am new to your channel, but you mentioned something that I had planned on doing last year, due to many that lived in countries outside of the US that lived in apartment buildings with no yards. My plan was to start containers with certain veggies that these people could raise on their own. Health issued and other things got in the way, but hoping to do that this year.
    Thanks and many blessings to you and your family,

  6. Lone Star Living says:

    Good stuff! Going to be a great series y’all!

  7. PressedEarth says:

    Sounds like we are up for an adventure. Great garden plan.

  8. Cathy Joiner says:

    Where are you located? We are new viewers moving back to East TN from Tampa area in July 2019

  9. Bonne Terre Homestead says:


  10. You Can't Eat The Grass says:

    I highly approve of all plans that involve getting rid of lawn, lol. And idea to try if you want to rehab your old garden patch for the future is to get some heavy black tarps, and to lay them down for a year to smoother out the grass. Those invasive grasses are the most to try and get rid of, so I can feel your pain!

  11. Racheal Rumbo says:

    Love your channel

  12. TheRedhawke says:

    Look forward to each video. We live in the Texas hill country, basically our home sits on Limestone with a few inches of soil so container gardening is it for us. Hydro is interesting but it seems everyone who tries in our area have their fish die because of the heat in the spring and summer months.

  13. Dee Palladino says:

    I look forward to seeing the videos. Thank you :o)

  14. Little Creek Homestead says:

    Cant wait to watch this series. we are going to build some raised beds too this year.

  15. Whippoorwill Holler says:

    Good video, very informative, thank you. God Bless

  16. Wholesome Roots says:

    Great plan! I wish I had the materials for raised beds. Getting our grow room ready this weekend to get started.

  17. My Mobile Homestead says:

    Oh I will be following this series closely. I plan to have a successful garden this year. So far my soil looks amazing and is teaming with earth worms.

  18. Countreegirl says:

    Looking forward to this series! This will be my first time to have a garden in my life and I'm so excited but I know absolutely nothing lol Andy is going to build me a couple raised beds and we need to figure out how to make them tall enough that I don't have to kneel or bend over too much as my disability makes it a little hard. So any suggestions there would be awesome! Thanks and luv to all CG

  19. Terrie Trotto says:

    Great video, it is awesome that you are gonna be gifting trees to people. Such a blessing it will be to whoever gets those trees.

  20. 1 Lost Dude says:

    Hey MARINE, maybe on your next video you could spell hypothesis, lol. Nice video Jason.
    Don't take this wrong but it's nice to see you being you in your videos and not that robotic Jason that seems to sneak in all of the time.

  21. Suburban Hillbilly says:

    Johnson grass and nutsedge are awful

  22. Lonely Prepper Homestead says:

    Whenever you get more pits/seeds … Could you save a few for me?

  23. Rick Ballard says:

    Looking forward to seeing how you guys work this out sounds like fun. Good luck and best wishes for 2019. Blessings from KY

  24. laurie kendall says:

    I would say you are gifting them the peach tree. Good video

  25. Neona Thomahill says:


  26. Lynn Smith says:

    I cant wait to learn how to grow hydroponically in fish tanks and how to harden off plants. I always loss my plants at that stage. It’s so frustrating. I live in NC and can’t wait for the Hollars to get settled in. Thank you for your hard work.

  27. Valerie D says:

    Awesome info…

  28. Margie Guy says:

    Great video, Great plans. Can’t wait to see everything take place.
    Margie and Eddie and Colleen Guy from Southern Maryland.
    “Hanging with the Guys “

  29. Missy T1012 says:

    We just bought our first house out in the country. We have 2 acres and I'm so excited to start my little homestead. I'm ready to start some kind of container garden since its my first time really gardening and we are getting some quail in a few weeks. Can't wait to continue watching you. I found you through roots and refuge recently.

  30. Kassie P says:

    Love this!!

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