The Dogs Protecting Humans and Polar Bears | BBC Earth

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When the food is scarce, polar bears are driven closer to humans searching for food, which could have tragic consequences.
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Polar Bear Family and Me
Polar bears are one of the most iconic animals on earth, and yet we know so little about them. Apart from fleeting glimpses, scientists and filmmakers have never been able to follow individuals to tell their story and record details of their family life. Now, taking what he has learnt while making the absorbing series The Bear Family and Me, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan embarks on a new, ambitious and dangerous mission – to gain the trust of a family of polar bears and, using this unique opportunity, observe the life of these enigmatic animals as never before, over the course of a year.

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24 Responses

  1. edthe2nd says:

    Pretty sure by the way the dogs were behaving they're not used to being tied up. They probably just did it for a short while. And I'm pretty sure the black dog got some off camera love too

  2. *jememily * says:

    That is so cruel and in-human to leave defenseless dogs tied up like that. A polar bear can come up fast and grab one and the dogs have no way to defend themsleves. Please rethink the way you are protecting your selves besides using dogs… bait. Lets tie you up and see how long you last? And why do you have that humonous collar around that polar bear in the previous video. DO you not think that it might be a bit uncomfortable for the bear? If you want to track it, use a chip as they do for dogs and cats. Unbelievable!

  3. Dara Chavez says:

    What kind of dogs are they?

  4. GRATU MEDIA says:

    I must admit this is The amazing content to see this year. Would you like to see our films in future

  5. Nick Hutchinson says:

    Someone stroke the black dog for christs sake

  6. NXZW says:

    Wow. 😀

  7. 閑星白 says:

    Just keep lion Polar bear will summit to the king.

  8. Gorg The Salty says:

    Why tied up? Even with the longer leash, there is not much range for dog that size…

  9. gabrielle bock says:

    Use motion detection and cameras, dont use animals chained up. Pretty much live bait waiting for the polar bears to come and attack, like the clearly have. Its 2019 we dont need to exploit animals anymore..

  10. weakpig says:

    not really… this is only to keep the man safe. How the hell does it keep polar bears safe? They are freaking hungry and they want food. You are just driving them away so they just die in the dirt alone.

  11. S PB says:

    "That'll do, pup. That'll do."

  12. John H Baumgaertner says:

    It isn't just that XP is old, the computer must be old too. How long has it been since you could get a laptop with XP, or that XP could be installed on? Maybe they're running it in a VM? Or computers last longer in the arctic?

  13. Lazarus_aap says:

    Show the other dog some love too!!

  14. Sami Motaghedi says:

    People need to leave that area alone. Let the polar bears have it

  15. Nik says:

    That's one cute doge!

  16. Evil Gummy Bear says:

    C'mon that doggo at The back

  17. Hey Ya! says:

    It’s disgusting see these beautiful animals forced to do jobs for humans and chained and put on a line out in the cold . I’ve never chained a dog or any animal of mine or force to do stuff . They deserve way more care and love than this . It breaks my heart to see any animal harmed,neglected,killed or chained and sadly it’s one of those scenarios . I hate that you guys chose this as a example to self protection.

  18. Ogrunt the Hairyfaced. says:

    Polar bears are such a precarious species. They're dependent on sea ice to hunt, and now they have to expand their hunting grounds. Our pollution accelerated the greenhouse effect and are slowly erasing these frozen lands, is there not a way to reverse the effect and cool the polar regions back down?

  19. Валя Морозова says:

    Собака прелесть.1 совет,как можно меньше показзывайте людей,я же сюда не за этим захожу

  20. SUBRATA KUNDU says:

    Nice video.

  21. Anita Jogi says:

    Please Gordon Buchanan stop wearing animal fur.

  22. Chow Yew Wah says:

    The dogs nowhere to escape when the bears attack them as they are tied up ?

  23. Aftabbb Ahmeddd says:

    0:12 looks him self also poler bear….

  24. Nimrod says:

    Less ice? Oh, really?

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