The Emerald Cup is the Mecca of California’s Finest Organic Cannabis

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The Emerald Cup is a cannabis competition-meets-conference-meets music festival that takes place every December in Santa Rosa, California. The renowned cannabis cup that now draws about 15,000 cultivators, artists, policy wonks, and cannabis enthusiasts began 15 years ago as a gathering of a few dozen farmers showing off their crop. Today, the Emerald Cup is the place to find California’s finest quality, organic, sun-grown cannabis, harvested from the Emerald Triangle — the triad of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties known for the world’s best bud. Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or simply curious about the future of the industry, there’s something at the Cup for everyone. The diversity of the Cup’s offerings — think panels on cannabis and spirituality, ending the drug war, and the nitty gritty of high-tech cultivation — help de-stigmatize the plant, showing just how varied the industry is, touching so many aspects of society. This isn’t (only) a bunch of stoners getting high, but a conference of those working to ensure equity and sustainability as California rides the wave of pot legalization into the future.


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  1. Toaking Sweden says:

    looks like a blast

  2. PATRICK DeCambra says:

    Overpriced takes too long to get in I'd rather party at the park down the street LOL

  3. Richard Saner says:

    Wow this is Richard thank you for including me in your post keep posting keep

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