The FIRST 6 Plants You NEED to Grow!

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When you are starting out as a homesteader it can be challenging to figure out what to do first. We gave this a lot of thought before we started our second homestead in the Missouri Ozark’s. We came up with a list of the 6 plants we feel are the most important to grow as soon as you get on your homestead.

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28 Responses

  1. Logie Z says:

    Hi Kevin and Sarah! Love your videos! I used to buy duck and chicken eggs from you when you lived up the street from me in PHX. Miss you and your girls for sure but loving your homesteading tips.
    I planted Roselle for the first time this year. Oh my gosh, the fresh calyx tea do taste like fruit punch!

  2. Al Ursino says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative and entertaining video. Overwhelming is an understatement so I appreciate every video you guy can share.

  3. Lisa C says:

    How about chestnuts? They're high in fiber, rich in complex carbs, and down right delicious!

  4. Nancy Fahey says:

    When we first moved to Florida, from Long Island, we couldn't grow anything. For years. Even the native plants were consumed by drought or bugs. Now we're good. Converted the soil to where plants thrive now.

  5. Shawn Posey says:

    Hey there love your channel you are doing amazing things. I was wondering how I can get some of your paprika seeds those are some really beautiful plants and fruit.

  6. Becky says:

    Ohh please share what variety or roses you are planting for rose hips!?!

  7. Johnna Finley says:

    I love all your videos. Do you think you could do one on how to start a compost in a urban area and what scraps go in and what don’t!? Please?

  8. LittleFarmBigDreams says:

    Wonderful video and I agree 100%!!!

  9. Transylvanian Farmer says:

    You guys moved back to Arizona? Why? Sorry if asking too much, but we are considering moving to Missouri and would like to get your feedback on what did not work. Thank you

  10. HaHa HELL says:

    Are vlogs parents yet?

  11. Rocking C Homestead says:

    Great info!

  12. Bill Herrick says:

    great advise.

  13. Lynette Connors says:

    Do any of the nut trees need to be away from where livestock could get to them? I remember hearing somewhere the green hulls are poisonous to some animals, I think. We just moved onto our Oregon homestead a month ago and will definitely be planting some of these plants (and have some producing here already), and could have some livestock as early as next spring and I'd like to be smart about placement of both plants and animals.

  14. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Where can I buy your T-shirt?

  15. Suzanne Leblanc says:

    Hi! I heard you talk about rose hips, and I heard it before on someones video that they can be used for beauty products, I had a chance to pick a baggie fll this morning, what can I do with them?

  16. GrammaCharlotte says:

    Very sensible suggestions. I love perrenials.

  17. E Mc says:

    Pawpaws and persimmons! Both native in north Missouri anyway.

  18. Tanzy Thress says:

    Can't wait to see new babies.

  19. The Universal Homesteader says:

    All of that is so true…thanks for sharing!

  20. rebecca hamman says:

    Gr ideas.i just got back from visiting my dad near phx.nice n hot…

  21. Tamara Wheeldon says:

    With the asparagus, what type of soil do you have?

  22. Deep South Homestead says:

    Those were some of our first 6, with the exception of rhubarb. Great video guys

  23. Rebecca Doyal-Meyer says:

    As an English professor, I have to say that I love Kevin's t-shirt!

  24. Mike Jones says:

    Super awesome video!! Great info !!

  25. Ava Patton says:

    i found that getting your trees zoned for your area from a more northern orchard worked well for me

  26. shepstrohm says:

    Perfect recommendations!! I have all but the nut trees on my suburban homestead. If we just had a little more space…

  27. K Mundwiller says:

    We lived in a small town, where our house had the few food bearing trees already established. We had a big pecan tree, crabapple tree and PinkLady apple tree. Our neighbors had peach trees they cut down soon after we got there. And one other house had a big pecan tree. After our house burned, we sold it to get our land and the guy cut down ALL the trees except the pecan tree, cause it was shared with the neighbor. How disheartening.

    Anyway, as soon As we broke ground, we found pear trees on sale. I intended to get trees this year too but didn't have the funds 🙁

  28. Wayne Osmand says:

    Gee we like your channel, we have been on our homestead for just over 15 months now, first thing we planted were over 17 different fruit tree's,  we were lucky that there were already existing Pink Lady apples, a plum tree, navel orange and a huge Lisbon Lemon, peach, nectarine Apricot and a Peach cot!  Amongst what we planted were Pomegranate, mandarin, granny smith apple, Fig, a cherry, Pecan, Almond, Macadamia, chestnut then 13 different types of berries including Elderberry's,  Boysenberry's, raspberry's loganberry's SILVAN BERRIES N MORE, we also have chickens and with your help we have started Rabbits with one male and two Does! next will be some Ducks a couple of Turkeys then onto an Aquaponics setup so we can hopefully have fresh vegetables and Fish all or most of the year! what with a glasshouse etc there is not much more room on our 3/4 acre! So keep up the good work folks we love what you are doing! And Kevin I never sold my Harley she has just been pushed to the back of the shed for a while! Figure IF Wifey can keep her Mercedes ragtop I can keep my YOUTH PILL!

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