The Hunt For Gollum – Full Movie

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Award winning unofficial prequel short film dramatising Aragorn & Gandalf’s long search for Gollum directed by British filmmaker Chris Bouchard. Based faithfully on the appendices of the books this is a non-profit, serious homage to the writing of J.R.R Tolkien and the films of Peter Jackson.

It was shot on locations in England and Snowdonia with a team of over a hundred people working over the Internet. It took two years to make and was released as a non-profit Internet-only video by agreement with Tolkien Enterprizes.

This Youtube version is slightly extended with 1 scene added back in.

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35 Responses

  1. Ana XD says:

    Hello, I would like to inform you that several people have published the movie without your consent right here on youtube

  2. Say My Name says:

    The only good thing about the Hobbit was watching Thranduil. That elvenking is hottttttttt

  3. elaine kent says:

    I thought this was brilliant. Aragorn was always my favourite character.

  4. Candice Davis says:

    This was such a short movie. Wish it was longer. I enjoyed it !!

  5. BJETNT says:

    Amazing!!!! This did the film's massive credit to say the least!!! I have only seen one fan made film that is of this kinda caliber. Joker Rising by Smoking Alien. For what it is , I give it a 10!!! I would love to see more of these films. Thanks for posting it! The effort put into this is epic!! BROVO BROVO.

  6. Anna Spencer says:

    So good!Hobbit singing while inside the sack cracked me up

  7. Diamond - Zoyd says:

    Bravo! This was the best fan made film I've ever watched even outside of YouTube. I really felt like I was stepping into middle earth. You guys did a great job!

  8. Gregory Cameron says:

    Brilliant addition to the canon.

  9. Jason Whalley says:

    Not far from BRILLIANT

  10. bobc1911 says:

    Very good film that looks very professional. The only real criticism I have is that Aragorn looks too young by at least fifteen years.

  11. Mike Dench says:

    At 13.11 there's a house or caravan in the background! Nevertheless this was very good, I enjoyed it.

  12. JEFFjeffersonz says:

    Better than Jacksons hobbit!!!

  13. Nkryptchon 01 says:

    Nicely done ! – not bad, not bad at all.
    Thanks for letting us watch it for free.
    Very captivating.

  14. Grim Knight says:

    This was pretty cool.

  15. Omar Gallegos says:

    Fantastic! Almost at the level of a Hollywood production. My sincere congratulations, you guys deserve praise.

  16. estevanso says:

    came here because screwattack top ten

  17. Slater Shawnoo says:

    This my 2nd time watching this movie. I like the actors for once….no "robots" this time. I love these movies n keep them coming!

  18. 41kils says:

    Gandalf did not discover that the Nine had crossed the Anduin until being captured by Saruman. Here Aragorn is shown telling Gandalf that the Nine had come West which doesn't line up with the rest of the story (Gandalf not telling Frodo to set out from the Shire at once but rather letting him wait). Also Aragorn found Gollum near Mordor, not in Mirkwood. STILL AWESOME MOVIE

  19. Alesia'sRedRubyTheSugarPants says:

    4:46 where is he?

    My. Goodness. Gracious. I hope the new Aragorn Tv series is this good and faithful to the lore. That was amazing. Better then that. What's a word for more then amazing?

  20. Jorge Morgado says:

    How come Gandalf here knows about the ring and that its in the Shire if in Lord of the Rings he knows nothing about its location?

  21. Eledhwen Mare says:

    More please.

  22. Frodo Baggins says:

    Found this from Lord of the Rings Shireposting on FB. Go like the page it's hilarious!

  23. abdul aziz says:


  24. MsStorm351 says:

    Great movie, great actors and cinematography!! Thank you, loved the score too.

  25. Bdelliumharts says:

    Didn't Gandalf say that he looked for Gollum but the enemy got to him first? I'm thinking if the books and movies differ on that end.

  26. Tommy Bennett says:

    Can't believe I haven't heard of this over the course of 8 years. What a fantastic film! Hell, I'd've given these guys the money I paid for first Hobbit movie. Thank you!

  27. LLO Cinema says:

    This is bloody amazing! I did a fan LOTR film myself wouldn’t mind if you checked it out. It’s called ‘Mandore: The Orc Killer’.

  28. Josh Robbins says:

    That was really cool 🙂

  29. paul elliott says:

    Shows what you can do with good actors, imagination, cinematography and all with a limited budget
    Orcs looked good, scenery perfect and Gollum's voice nailed

  30. Clarence Fernandez says:

    Am I the only one waiting for the porn scene

  31. Krypton says:

    This movie is a great sequel to "Born of Hope".

  32. Depeche Mode says:

    Whats the difference between this version and the redux version

  33. Tom Cunningham says:

    Thx for posting.

  34. Steve Noyes says:

    Very very well done! Huge kudos to one & all!

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