The Island Foxes That Threatened The Navy | Cities: Nature’s New Wild | BBC Earth

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When the San Clemente fox number dropped dramatically, the U.S. navy had to ensure their survival to keep their base.
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Cities: Nature’s New Wild
Humpback whales breach in New York’s Hudson River. Huge colonies of megabats have made Adelaide their home. African Penguins find sanctuary and safe places to nest in Cape Town. Meet the extraordinary wildlife living in the fastest changing habitat on the planet – our cities. Animals have adjusted surprisingly well to city living. Not only are they applying their natural-born skills to this urban environment, they’re also making amazing adaptations. Inspired by the Cities episode of Planet Earth II, this series explores our cities from a fresh perspective – through the eyes of the animals who live in them. Discover the wilder side of a world you think you know.

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32 Responses

  1. Stand Against the Cartels, End Drug Prohibition says:

    The title has a typo in it. It should read: "The Island Foxes That Were Almost Wiped Out By The Navy, And Instead Of Leaving They Threw Million$ Of Your Tax Dollars To Maybe Solve The Problem"

  2. Chin Chin says:


  3. Leo 61 says:

    The music made it feel like these foxes made a sudden population of furries to rise…

  4. Dương Điên KTM says:

    Team love animals helo.

  5. Horácio Costa says:

    Thank you for the good news!

  6. SylentFart says:

    Why is this like some kinda marvel trailer. The music makes it more action packed than it's meant to be.

  7. mayank moghe says:

    hats off to the US Navy, they weren't threatened by the fox, they protected it.

  8. M says:

    why did people dislike this video?

  9. KA 237 says:

    When are we going to domesticate them?

  10. Jubilee Productions says:


  11. Michael McCarty says:

    Foxes that threatened the navy? A powerhouse that almost forced the Navy off the island? Translation: The Navy almost killed them all, and politicians made them stop.

  12. Nuwair Tamim says:

    After this US Navy started killing people!

  13. mark markson says:

    What a waste of money.

  14. Dominik says:

    Whata click bait and on top of that, are we supposed to praise the navy for endangering the foxes in the first place?
    Wherever these americans go, all they bring is havoc and hell, whether its training or fighting "the right cause" so called "terrorism" in gas/oil rich countries….

  15. mowgli du bois says:

    it is not like the navy did something incredible they just fixed their mistake

  16. Never Gonnatell says:

    The biggest that to mankind and wildlife is governments.

  17. Hrithik Mitra says:

    I hope that this great step of protecting the species of animals would be taken by our country India also…

  18. TheShubLub says:

    G.I Joe went a little ham on the music..

  19. Валя Морозова says:

    Все верно.Вы же не хотите остаться одни на планете

  20. Gothead420 says:

    When the military does something good for all the wrong reasons…

  21. 77moessa says:

    Should have added mgs music instead of this?

  22. L says:

    editor was high while selecting the bgm

  23. Marrion Lulu says:

    alright alright I'll join the navy. gawl!

  24. Alexander Arnold says:

    The US Navy is using the Fox for Publicity.

  25. Suresh Reddy says:

    I need that fluffy cat

  26. Pinstripe Jim says:

    Worked on the base for 14 years. The Navy takes conservation very seriously

  27. Ashish kumar Vind says:

    Nice work

  28. jason4275 says:

    Had this be another superpower like Russia or China, the entire species would be wiped out or eaten by the solders on base.

  29. Andre A says:

    I’m sorry this video actually made me angry.

    The foxes did nothing. But a bunch of politicians and animal rights activists had to justify their worthless existence and kick up a fuss.

    You never knew this fox existed until this video. Therefore I’d say that the world won’t even remember these creatures when they’re gone in any sense of the word.

  30. Bionik1980 says:

    An Army of Foxes

  31. Jason Silvery says:

    i think the bgm is getting out of hand here lol

  32. HighSpinSwingSpeed says:

    Sailors have been dishonorable discharged for messing with these animals.

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