The STRONGEST Animals On Earth

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Animals come in all shapes, and sizes, and colors. We know the dangerous ones, the common ones, and the nice ones–but which ones are the ones that are the strongest and could win in most of the fights they’re in? Tune in to find out…

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7. Rhinoceros
It has two horns, and both are on the front of its face instead of on top of its heads–which is unique. Up next is the trusty rhinoceros or rhino. The largest species of rhinoceros appears to be the Indian rhinoceros, growing to a weight of 4,600 pounds or 2,086 kilograms. Most species of rhinos can run up to 31 miles or 49 kilometers per hour despite their big bodies and disproportionately short legs. It is the black rhino that is said to be the most aggressive species, either coming after you out of panic or confusion, mainly because of their poor eyesight.

6. Blue Whale
One of the biggest animals in the world are whales. So who’s the strongest whale? That title goes to the blue whale. The amount of power it takes for a blue whale to open its mouth is immense–and all to take in krill to eat. They can hold their breath for over 20 minutes, and one flick of its tail can launch a boat into the air. This type of baleen whale grows to 98 feet or 29.9 meters long and weigh 190 short tons or 173 tonnes. Blue whales appear to be the largest animal ever to exist.

5. Lion
The king of the jungle may not be as big as the tiger, but it’s also incredibly powerful. They’re regarded as the masters of the lands they live on, as many do not mess with a lion. They can run up to speeds of 50 miles or 80 kilometers per hour. Lionesses grow to about 280 pounds or 127 kilograms while male lions may reach 420 pounds or 190 kilograms. Their bite force measure to about 4,450 newtons.

4. Kangaroo
Just recently, a couple from Australia reported that kangaroos caused them injuries. So watch out for these guys! Kangaroos are dangerous marsupials, and like the Tasmanian devil, they’re native to Australia. Kangaroos come in a few different species, with the biggest known as the red kangaroo. Males can stand 5.9 feet or 1.8 meters tall, similar to the average male height of humans. Kangaroos are known for looking quite muscular, in other words, super jacked. Their hind legs are also very strong and can disembowel an opponent with them.

3. Anaconda
The largest anaconda species is the green anaconda, the largest snake by weight, and are known to ambush their predators, too. Though they cannot swallow a human whole, they have been known to come after them anyway. Anacondas, a type of boa, can be found in South America. They are some of the most massive constrictors in the world. Who are their rivals in the wild? Jaguars–to give you an idea of what how these snakes stack up.

2. Grizzly Bear
Scientists call them the North American brown bear, though it’s the same thing as the grizzly bear. These bears belong to a vast population in North America and include a few subspecies like the Kodiak bear and the Mexican grizzly bear. A grizzly’s bear jaw by itself can exert about 1,200 pounds per square inch of force, which could help them chomp right into a bowling ball. A bear may be just fatter and not as muscular as a gorilla, yet because its size, it could still easily win.


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  1. Muzahir khan says:

    lion name is king tiger is the real king

  2. Qwaid Minter says:

    There is no bush in the name African elephant stupid

  3. almarri Tnaheed says:

    lion, Jaguar, tiger,gorilla are all stronger than #2

  4. bee4pc goldrule says:

    You just had to get that fantasy Climate change in on the polar bear migration……agenda much?

  5. Blu Rox22 Js5 says:

    I can take that Kangaroo

  6. Manny G says:

    All I think of when I see the Thumbnail is… "Kangaroo Jack really got buff!!!!"

  7. Flower Baby says:

    My what big strong arms you have.

  8. Jose Medina says:

    Whales elephants gorillas big cats bears

  9. 3E55 D345 says:

    U wot m8

  10. cmcculloch1 says:

    Tasmanian Devils are oddly enough found in Tasmania ….. clues in the name……fuck me…

  11. you donky says:

    Rip Rodger the Roo

  12. Moxie Vintage says:

    As far as your question, Talltanic, I'm gonna fight the tardigrades……just me and my shoe.

  13. Moxie Vintage says:

    My ex just missed the cut at #22….oh wait, wrong list! Thought this was the list of Smallest Brained Animals….my bad! Viva la madre naturaleza!

  14. wyldshot666 says:

    Humans are the weakest. All we have is a damn brain.

  15. U_Call_Me_SoNu says:

    I wish I could have born as a jaguar

  16. michael Longford says:

    When I was a kid I thought real Tasmanian Devils span around unbelievably fast to get about, just like the cartoon. Thanks Talltanic.

  17. absalom0412 says:

    Gorilla should b number 2

  18. julianx2rl says:

    Thumbs up for Harambe!

  19. Gayathri R says:

    Wow beautiful very nice and cute

  20. Randall Collins says:

    Good vid. As a suggestion, in case you grow weary of verbalizing imperial/metric conversions, you could just use one of them, like imperial, and put its metric conversion on screen. Or vice versa.

  21. Meo says:

    I would’nt believe this video if I were you.

  22. Jason Irelan says:

    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only a hippopotamus will do
    Take care and God bless.

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