The ultimate free , organic fertilizer ! Urine .

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That is right folks.
Your pee makes an excellent garden fertilizer.
Full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients. Not only is it a great plant food. But encourages microbes in the soil . And helps fight fungus like powdery mildew!
Its very important to dilute it at least 1 part urine to 10 parts water.
And avoid getting it on leaves when possible.

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42 Responses

  1. Agremen says:

    pee in a wood ash bucket four a month … then dry it in the sun…N powder and cal mag right there and other good minerals!

  2. Marie Constant says:


  3. Marie Constant says:

    I dont think we need urinated tree women cause familly brothers tree Its a Saudi Princes..they all has a Manchettes to cutting out Heads of:MASS66 AD LESBIANES THAT HABITATION FRETTAS MONTROUIS. ARTIBONITE NATURE CULTURE HAITI…

  4. Marie Constant says:


  5. Kelvin Price says:

    You can skip the step of cooking and drying the eggshells. The plants will be able to get the calcium anyway. Good video.

  6. Megan Newton says:

    Howd ya get the urine in the bucket

  7. Sokha Chetra says:

    i have tested it and get a good result

  8. josephroiml says:

    Can you store it and if so, how long at the most?

  9. Sylvia Gregory says:

    Wow I like this am going to use my urine on my plants am making a kitchen garden in my yard, and really need some good tips to grow a healthy garden, am a first time gardener I don't know much about gardening, am unemployed and I taught of doing this and I like plants, from a manager to a gardener it sounds nice, because am growing my own good, with no chemicals wow it's amazing to see and to know that a change in profession is just a wonderful to know about nature what God has given us to be healthier growing our own food in a natural, because he created a world without sickness. And by growing your own food you know it is much more safer to consumed. In JESUS name Amen. Trinidad & Tobago.

  10. TheBathroomGirl says:

    aww take care too!

  11. Cody Engle says:

    That is neat how you can use your own urine to fertilize your soil. Also does having that flashy ribbon on your peach tree keep the birds away?

  12. Abhijith Pankajakshan says:

    Hope its good for cannibas plant…. Have u tried?

  13. Ken Tichy says:

    For those who don't like regular chemical fertilizer, and don't have enough urine to feed the garden, try going to your local farm supply store and getting some urea. It's basically the nitrogen extracted from urine. The one I get is 46 0 0. It's potent, so be very careful with it. It's also a lot cheaper than fertilizer. I usually pay about $25 for a 50 lb bag and it goes a long way.

  14. Ross Best says:

    Wonder if it does well on the grass..?

  15. Ross Best says:

    Not only Amazing that it's a fertilizer but How STRONG it is. AT 15:1 Ratio WOW!

  16. marc chesley says:

    that looks like an acorn squash

  17. Mister Ambassador says:

    are you taking the pee

  18. biscoito1r says:

    Coffee grounds are also great.

  19. L. J. Bush says:

    I just saw another vid that said to mix it 6-10 parts water to one urine, do you think the 6 – 1 ratio is too strong?

  20. Daba khetho says:

    this is very great brother. am very much interested I want to start using this method.

  21. douglas carpenter says:

    No urine on my leaves, but the roots can suck it up and pump it into the leaves and I'm cool.

  22. Gillenz Fluff says:

    I just found out you can ferment urine with lactobacillus to make it an even better fertilizer!

  23. Mudslut Music says:

    you could definitely tell where my St Bernard peed in the t
    yard, now that shes gone, so are the dark green clumps of grass

  24. Chee Kiat Teo says:

    I would use urine for flower based plants but not plants i intend to eat.. I have not gotten to accepting that yet.

  25. Toke Aparahi says:

    thanks awesome!!!!!

  26. Matthew Niedbala says:

    Synthetic nitrogen is made by catalysts that are charged and have air run through them. They make some configuration of nitrogen that is plant available. There’s a reason why legumes haven’t taken over and it’s because it takes lots of energy to produce nitrogen. This is not eco friendly. Phosphorus and potassium are mined and we’re going to run out of phosphorus mines soon.

  27. Claudeth McK says:

    I would love to use my urine but I am on BP and diabetic medications. Will it hurt them?

  28. QueefJuiceOverflow says:

    piss in my marijuana plants?

  29. scifiaudious2 says:

    Hello fellow riddle
    Funny u call yourself that

  30. Mary P says:

    I would use my own piss but uhh… I got possibly kidney cancer (tumors) and multiple cysts. So I wonder if it would be bad to use it?

    I would ask to use others piss but LOL I think that would weird them out too much…

    Also, I'm wondering if this would be okay to use in a hydroponic system? The nutrients you buy sure are pricey unless you can find alternatives and this is a great one.

    Also, I'm an amateur or beginner to gardening but already my opinion of commercial fertilizers is low…

  31. Alex Reynolds says:

    How do you know how much to use for each plant?

  32. says:

    Nicely done! We have used urine in our gardens for about 15 years now. I have not bought any commercial fertilizer in that time. We do stop using it about two weeks before harvest, or two weeks before beginning to harvest greens.

  33. Safuan Ahmad says:

    the pot that i aplied urine and banana peel 1 week before planting has verry good growth overall, mu kale leaves are way biger than the ones with no urine . i sudgest people to start a compost pile in their pots before planting. then top it with clean poting soil and old compost.

  34. Issac Newton says:

    I'm wondering how it would do on potatoes. Doesn't high nitrogen encourage leaf growth. If the potatoes are putting energy into leaves, will they produce well?

  35. YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX says:

    Great video!

    I use my undiluted urine to kill weeds around my fruit trees. I pee in to a bucket for around a week and use a cup to carefully pour it around the trees where the weeds are. It works very well. Totally organic, much better than using toxic weed killers.

  36. crazyrabbit_xv xxx says:

    good vid. was your garden plants purely fertilized in urine?

  37. Edward Leal says:

    What about adding other things. Maybe wood ash or epsom salt?

  38. Z71Ranger says:

    Have you ever tried Human Feces?

  39. Brett Amos says:

    I really liked seeing your marijuana plants in your garden there …  so thanks

  40. Brian Kane says:

    How about an N:P:K analysis lad?

  41. Kyle Kelly says:

    I also like adding wood ash to my plants.

  42. 40intrek says:

    That's a lot of piss you got there!!!

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