This Funny Chicken Breed Has Fur and Extra Toes

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These little chickens have feathers more like fur than feathers. First egg of the year!!!
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31 Responses

  1. Edie Koller says:

    Wilder is so adorable he is so cute to watch and seems so happy. I love those silkies they are just so beautiful. Great video seeing you all on the farm. Thanks Art And Bri and Family::))

  2. Susan Molnar says:

    Your children a delightful!

  3. Chaney Ranch says:

    10 days typically, 21 to be safe for fertile eggs. Love watching cows run and play!

  4. B Havens says:

    Bri is that spinache and butternut squash or ? looked tasty! and that last song, who is that, nice!

  5. srq lisa says:

    Run Brownie Run. I had silkies also and what a surprise one day one of them layes blue eggs. 🙂 peace great kids

  6. Storm2aRainbow says:

    i wish i could raise my kids like this

  7. Pamela Mercado says:

    Such a gorgeous happy baby you can just see the sweetness in him you should be proud parents

  8. Royal Amethyst Acres says:

    Baby smiles and giggles….best thing in life!

  9. Patti & Art says:

    Awww, beautiful fresh eggs. So cute & fun to watch Wilder at the end. He is such a happy boy. All those siblings teaching him to laugh.

  10. Karen Stambaugh says:

    Chicks would be so fun! Good job with the rooster, Grace. I loved candling my eggs with a mini flashlight to check for fertilization. You can see the little embryo moving! Should be able to candle the eggs after 6 days in an incubator, recheck later in case some are slower to develop.

  11. Simply Jan says:

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful couple of days of your life with us. You have such a wonderful family.

  12. Dagmar King says:

    You've got me grinning from ear to ear especially at the end. Thank you. Love you guys.

  13. St. Fiacre's Farm says:

    What a sweet baby!

  14. Theresa Threadgill says:

    Puppies are fun for a few weeks but better to give away so you don't get stuck with a bunch to train. Brownie was having fun glad to see all was well! Thanks for the vlog!

  15. Aubrey King says:

    The look on Bri’s face at the end. Pure joy

  16. Vintage Lady says:

    Your videos are so refreshing!
    And some the the Sweetest little people….So precious to see the little ones involved and loving the homesteading life!

  17. Michele Rucker says:

    He is just lovely❤️❤️❤️

  18. Wally Dalrymple says:

    How is chep

  19. Berlin Buluran says:

    Wilder is the cutest!!!

  20. Blue Eye Lathers says:

    You have the most beautiful children. Truly precious.

  21. JerryJ says:

    I really like your property…especially the ridges around it. I'm hoping to find something similar in a couple of years, when I move to NW Georgia.

  22. cheryll anderson says:

    Thank you Art& Bri for bringing wonderful to a screwed up world. You and your family are the best thing on the web!

  23. Kay Garvin says:

    Beautiful rooster!!!

  24. Annie Parnas says:

    So precious! little wilder is getting so big! I want to get silkies someday, and hatch my own chicks!

  25. Susan Ashcraft says:

    I love seeing you all play with your baby you seem to be having so much fun. He is growing up so fast enjoy him while he is still little.

  26. Jan Noble says:

    Please do not carry that cat by the scruff! It is painful! Kittens are okay, but adults are too heavy.

  27. Edel Hanley says:

    That was such a sweet ending.

  28. johnny mayo says:

    I’ve had probably one of the most stressful days [nothing bad…just one of those days] that I can remember in over a year. Your sweet boy at the end of this vid made it just all disappear!!!

  29. Thomas Schauss says:

    That baby is a cute little bugger

  30. Dolly Perry says:

    I agree Bri! It was wonderful!

  31. Cynthia Fisher says:

    I’m so glad you were able to find homes for all the puppies!

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