Thursday Jan 3rd construction of our Organic farm garden Chiang Rai Thailand

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Another day building our Organic farm garden at our cattle farm Chiang Rai Northern Thailand. Building raised bed for tomato’s gravel pathways for access and taking out stones from the beds. Prepping up the steel for our Pergola

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19 Responses

  1. Sam697 says:

    Excited to see the organic farm take shape Gordon. Happy new year and keep up the great work in 2019.

  2. E-beggar-In-Bangkok 2018 says:

    Hey Gordon, can't help noticing how hard the wife's relatives work on your farm. Does it ever cause any friction? It almost seems like they are slaves.

  3. roverdad says:

    The garden is coming along. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Also, the drone shots were great as usual but the panoramic view of the mountains was especially awesome! HNY

  4. Barry Laws says:

    Hi Gordon, I noticed the dam is getting lower, that canoe will help in migrating the fish and placing temporary netting prior to the final phase of the dam construction. The new garden will be superb when completed, I understand about re-education difficulties.

  5. james green says:

    Very lucky to have the river so close by id be fishing everyday on that

  6. John Anderson says:

    This is a very interesting project to me as I think the future will be self sufficiency as there are less and less jobs for people in the future (including Thailand) due to AI, Robots and software. You have such a great location with a river close to your land and of course your dam.

  7. Ewen Gillies says:

    A New Year … and more work !! Lol. But it'll all be worth it in the end …. can't beat that fresh produce picked n eaten on the spot. Bushyboy Oz.

  8. Jo Sta says:

    Alan Titchmarsh hasn't got anything on you Gordon. Now only if you had Charlie's kno….. 555 On the wind noise found this on the GoPro site

  9. Englishman in Malta says:

    Chang rai looks so beautiful

  10. Kirk Wilson says:

    Weeds are going to start growing soon, come on Gordon get it ready and planted!

  11. Ratspeed Garage says:

    Looking good. Amazing how fast everything grows there. Are you going to have another bash at the dam?

  12. Andrew Mack says:

    Where will the compost bin be situated?

  13. Z'MAN says:

    Very good video again, keep it up . How was your New Year, very good I hope. Thanks for sharing
    your wonderful videos. See you again in the next one.

  14. Carlos Portini says:

    It's starting to look like a miniature version of Stonehenge and despite the setback mentioned,
    you're a tough act to follow regarding a garden that's going to be both visually appealing and very productive. The soil in the north seems much more productive than other areas of Thailand. Graham use to rave over the extra sweetness of the pineapples. Wish I had one now.
    This was a great video.

  15. C Gj says:

    First class progress, will there be a time lapse of the site from rough ground to completed garden in crops
    We can but hope, With every success it will be Great addition to the Pride of your Success, Good news about Geoff, be great to see him later in the year.. Best of Times SMILES

  16. Kevin in Paradise says:

    Looking good, nice garden. Best wishes.

  17. John .Mitch says:

    There must be better places in the world Geoff could to go to work then IRAQ!!!!!!!!!, or the $$$$ signs are that much bigger

  18. Jack Hill says:

    Fantastic progress on the garden Gordon and just loved the aerial footage at the end. Nice of you to capture the surrounding breathtaking landscape panorama. It's just sooooo beautiful. Nice touch on the accented limestone pathways around the raised tomato beds.

    Yeah, your shoulders will definitely feel it tomorrow….your hard efforts will definitely not go unnoticed. I love your comment on the committed family efforts to maintain the garden. Keep up the great work…your dream plan is coming together page by page…chapter by chapter. Well done!

  19. John .Mitch says:

    The water level on the pond looks like it has been drained

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