Top 10 Homesteading Videos of 2018

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Back by popular demand, we present the Top 10 homesteading videos of 2018. You nominated your favorite videos from the past year and we picked the list. See the acceptance speeches from the winners and check out their videos!
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10 | Farm Alarm | Why you should teach your kids Farm Chores: 
9 | Swedish Homestead | Newborn Calf Being Eaten Alive By Maggots: 
8 | Lumnah Acres | Skunks in the CHICKEN COOP!: 
7 | The Hollar Homestead | A Day In The Life As Justin Rhodes: 
6 | ART and BRI | Half The Adventure, Is That It’s YOUR OWN!: 
5 | Living Traditions Homestead | Every Jar has a Story.: 
4 | Roots and Refuge Farm | If I Had a Homesteading Do-Over | The Things I’d Do Differently If I Could: 
3 | Weed ‘em & Reap | Introducing our TURKEY to his 1st GIRLFRIEND: 
2 | Justin Rhodes | How 2 Pigs + 30 Chickens Prepped my Garden: 
1 | My Self Reliance | Log Cabin TIMELAPSE Built By ONE MAN In The Forest: 

Top 10 Homesteading Videos of 2018 Playlist: 
Top 10 Homesteading Videos of 2017: 

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0:00 Love Beans – I Need Only You
0:44 Joachim Nilsson – Cool Wine And Summer Time 1
2:25 Peter Sandberg – Reconcile
3:58 Mondays – Crazy For Love (Tribute Version)
7:40 Martin Hall – Cornelia
9:27 Sven Karlsson – A Passionate Man
11:06 Magnus Ringblom – Corny Farmers 10
11:47 Stefan Netsman – Lovin Life 5
13:21 Sindrandi – My Island
From Epidemic Sound (

OUTRO: “Sunrise” used by permission from The Center State
See the music video we made for the song:

Thanks for watching!

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22 Responses

  1. Martin DeLeon says:

    WOW, you did an amazing job with this video. I found out from Lumnah Acres.

  2. Lisa Booker says:

    What a fantastic video guys. Sorry I’ve missed so much lately. I’ll be getting g caught up. My daughter and her family were home from PA for the holidays and you already know this Nanny wasn’t missing not one second of that preciousness. Becky you look FANTASTIC!! So darn cute!! TFS! Have a super wonderful and blessed New Year. ~Lisa

  3. From Toil to Treasure says:

    Fantastic nominations, awesome nominees!! Enjoyed watching, congrats to all!!! Blessings!

  4. susie Blackman says:

    There all winners to me.

  5. Ritchie Painter says:

    Lumnah Acres is awesome !!

  6. Jane O'Reilly says:

    My no.1 homesteading channel is Weed Em and Reap and always has been. The very close 2nd is a tie with all the rest,because I watch them all ! I watch and love all of the bush crafting channels also,but I don't consider them as being the same as homesteading.

  7. Nel Woz says:

    AHHHHH! So torn. So many WONDERFUL CHANNELS…LOVE—-> Lumnah Acres, Weed 'em & Reap, Living Traditions and The Hollar Homestead !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ella Hayes says:

    Of course Emus first girlfriend needed to be in this list. Like if you love Emu the turkey too!

  9. Stoney Ridge Farmer says:

    LOL Not enough rainbows and butterflies over on our homestead I guess bhahhahaha…I guess we gotta start working on our fences….4.5 miles of fencing going up on our farm!! OMG overwhelmed! Great video by the way…I enjoy all these homesteading channels…good people for sure!

  10. J B says:

    This was great, thanks for your efforts.

  11. Vegan Versus says:

    We are starting our homestead this year! Really excited to meet everyone in this amazing community

  12. SeedsofFaith says:

    RootsandRefusefarm brought me here

  13. R bergs says:

    Great video!

  14. Hodge Podge Farm says:

    Loved this video! Great choices!

  15. Dovii Dalla says:

    Oh No! I was disappointed not to see 'The Elliot Homestead' in there for sharing their life in such a beautiful, uniquely filmic way – plus no one inspires one to cook and make coffee quite like Shaye and Stuwart.

  16. Jennifer E says:

    Shawn James, I think if you went to the Homesteaders of America Conference my husband would go!!! He thinks your awesome!!! And he watches no other Homesteaders. Where I watch most of them! Well deserved!

  17. Riley Doolittle says:

    Weed ‘em and reap! Yes I love them!!!

  18. Diane Hakala says:

    We have always lived in suburbia and raised our 3 sons to adulthood . I never craved the open country side that is until I started following your homesteading stories . Your family's simple enjoyment and freedom with the animals and birds ,is an absolute pleasure to watch . I'm hooked and look forward to the next instalment eagerly xx

  19. Faheema Patel says:

    You guys are my favourite home steaders along with Weed em and Reap! It's so much fun to watch you guys grow and learn. I love what you guys do but we dont have that kind of land available and many resources on our small island to do the stuff you guys do. My husband basically grew up on a farm life in India and he lovedd it. We do have a few chickens, 3 rescue roosters, 8 cats and 1 stray mama. I guess that kind of counts a teeny bit lol

  20. Martin Parmer says:

    Great job again this year guy's. Great concept and a fine job on your selections. Now, I've got to go make sure I'm subbed to all these channels! I think i only need to add one, lol…

  21. Gromminion says:

    bririalt . good job.

  22. 8 kid Acres says:

    Love this! A lot of great people in this video. Y’all are awesome. My kids and myself enjoy all of these videos. Thanks for doing what you do guys. And congrats!!

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