Top 10 Worst Foods For Diabetes

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Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.The most important factor that affects both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is diet, and a well-planned diet can work effectively in maintaining blood glucose at healthy levels. Here in this video we have listed top ten worst foods that every diabetics should avoid.

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40 Responses

  1. Doctor Potato says:

    Potatoes don’t affect diabetes

  2. Jyotsna Gokhale says:

    Good to know.

  3. Ivan Dsouza says:

    learn proper english pronounce to speak, how you pronounce glucose

  4. Nimai debroy says:

    Louder pl

  5. TOPLYRICS says:

    Pretty much I have type 1 and I dont eat carbs or sugar alot i only eat proteins and minimal fat and per meal i consume 5-15 carbs

  6. John Marlon Scott says:

    The old saying, moderation, the way he goes on you can't have anything at all, just a question of being careful, and keeping an eye on things, it's not doom and gloom.

  7. Sanker Sanker says:

    Plz Kannada mhathdi

  8. Cooper Lee says:

    I had been diagnosed with diabetic issues almost a year ago. I am presently Sixty-four years of age. Possessing diabetes is really a shock for me, and also the truth that I will be battling the effects of diabetes like my dad. Discovered this excellent info “amazing fivu com” (Google it). Based on my initial test results, I`ve got 7.3 A1C and 183 for my glucose level. I just read the program carefully for a week and now my A1C dropped to 5.9…

  9. Marvin Morrow says:

    I`ve utilized prednisone as remedy for my pneumonia not knowing that it has increased my blood sugar levels and ultimately triggered diabetic issues. During that time, my A1C is 10.1, that is extremely high. I just read “amazing fivu com” (Google it) – that is straightforward and simple to understand. I`ve been through a retesting Two months later and also the final result implies that (my A1C had decreased to 6.8 simply .3 above normal)..

  10. Joe GOD’s Son says:

    Thanks for this info and I don’t care your accent. Good job fuck the hatters

  11. Toth Mark says:

    Im dead.Idk how but im dead.

  12. Debra Rivers says:

    I can't eat anything.

  13. Arushi Sharma says:

    wao nice video. My mom has type 2 diabetes from the past 3 years. last year one of my friends suggested the Planet Ayurveda Diabetes care pack for her. You wouldn't believe that within a few months her sugar level goes down, and now her sugar level is 160. which is good for her.

  14. Jim Schneider says:

    Thank you

  15. harsha chittu says:

    Diabetes is not a disease it's an organal malfunction…

  16. Clyde John says:

    Eight of these Foods are eaten in large amounts…

  17. jb any says:

    Number 11. one way or another, we will all end up dead. Some day.

  18. Tara R says:

    To all those complaining about the narrator's accent his first language is not English
    How many of the complaintants can speak another language?

  19. Tara R says:

    Lacrosse Crazy
    Let me know how you are doing when you are blind and walking on your leg stumps

  20. Tara R says:

    Animal Bunny Girl
    what did you not understand
    Don't you speak English, or are just ignorant?

  21. Marvin Morrow says:

    Checking out “amazing fivu com” (Google it) will assist you to cure diabetes and get a healthy way of life. For a time period of 1 ½ months, my hubby has been a keen follower of the plan. It`s been five years since he has been taking insulin shots. He has been a type 2 diabetes patient for six years. Given that reading through this plan and adhering to the plan he is eating better everyday & everyday…

  22. jack frost says:

    1. White rice
    2. Potatoes
    3. Cakes and Pastries
    4.Soft drinks & energy drinks
    5. French fries
    6. Raisins
    7. White bread
    8. Palm oil
    9. Coffee drinks
    10. Fruit Juices
    I barely understand this guy so if your having trouble or just want to save some time and not want to watch it here's the list

  23. David George says:

    Don't agree with coffee being bad. KETO diet all favor it. No with milk or sugar for sure.

  24. Edward Castro says:

    The narrator is Indian. It is very obvious.

  25. Silvia Alfaro says:

    Very good information thank you,very good video.

  26. Mohan Nayak says:

    Hey Guy, Please raise your voice by again uploading the video. Its terrible and hard to listen

  27. Glenn du Preez says:

    You're talking through your nose concerning many of your stated facts. And you missed the biggest problem for diabetics – ALL OIL. Oils contribute majorly to insulin resistance

  28. raz mohammed mohmend says:

    thanks sir very very help full for me.

  29. M Altaf says:

    One of the terrible video and back ground sound……..cant watch full feel like my brain boiling

  30. Pramod Kudchadkar says:

    this video will help diabetes patients a lot. I don't know why some people are complaining about the voice in this video. I am perfectly fine with the voice.

  31. Joyce Robertson says:

    Interesting but the abuse of the English language is terrible.

  32. James Corea says:

    According to this Diabetics have to starve.

  33. News Team says:

    Great Information.Thankyou

  34. Rabbani Khan says:

    good info…………..(pak)

  35. Remond Charles says:


  36. robby hi says:

    My bloodsugar just spiked from listening to your accent jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Emtir Walid says:

    I was waiting for him to video games because he toke everuthing I love

  38. Bharati Patel says:

    Thanks for giving very good infirmations about what food n fruits are healthy for daibetic person ..

  39. MEGA NZ says:

    Thanks – you speak just fine.

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