Top 5 Unbelievable Natural Disasters

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5 Most unbelievable natural disasters on earth
The most terrible natural disasters on earth are tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.
This video compiles the top 5 most terrible natural disasters on earth.
5. Mystical Lake
4. Tropical cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes
3. The eruption of volcanoes
2. Tsunami
1. Earthquake

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22 Responses

  1. Top-5 Top-10 says:

    How do you think which is the most terrible natural disaster on earth?
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  2. balsero17 says:

    i freaking love this channel

  3. Joshua Allan says:

    What about the black death aka plauge?

  4. yunas saxer says:


  5. Elizabeth Isaiah 4031 says:

    Leftovers from the Nephilim?

  6. Katerina Owen says:


  7. Walter Shumate says:

    of the natural disasters that we as modern mankind have experienced, the earthquake has been powerfull and noticeable. one in 1810 centered in New Madrid Missouri in the United States rang church bells simultaneously in Boston and San Francisco.
    My guesses at the worst natural disasters have been Volcanic in origin. even non=super volcanic eruptions have been recorded throughout history as PLANET CHANGING events. ln example, the summerless years caused by a volcanic event halfway around the PLANET. Volcanoes have the power to eradicate spicies, civilization, and most other lifeforms on earth. an earthquake may mix them up a bit, but is unlikely to cause effects felt worldwide.

  8. Adel Adel says:

    There is no cod but allah muhammad is the messenger of allah
    No hay dios sino allah muhammad es el mensajero de allah

  9. Jack Of None says:

    first you said "carbon monoxide", later you said, "carbon dioxide"…pretty sure it was the latter…fyi

  10. Carvin Lambert says:

    I would say the worst thing is Knowing that you are about to die…and not having Peace with God…Stay in Prayer…and keep your heart right …..Do things that make God proud of You.

  11. Android Master says:


  12. Michael Lawson says:

    You are correct about earthquakes but……………..they dont happen everywhere . Mainly along geological fault lines on the earths surface . So yes , you CAN choose where you live so as not to be affected by them .

  13. Daniel Gurdak says:

    yep, when I was on a holiday in Poland I didn`t even know that at my home in Wales there was an earthquake…
    BUT it was a weak one so it didn`t cause destruction to my house…, luckily though.

  14. John Bishel says:

    Worst disaster ever, DONALD TRUMP

  15. anthony hill says:

    I agree with you earthquake number one and volcano, I hate fire

  16. ehsan sazegarian says:

    man from sunami to valcano & earthquick all 3 of em bad in there own shape

  17. Macayla Todd says:

    Hurrdicanes XD thought it was hurricane

  18. ARI RETNEPRAC says:

    Most devastating natural diasaster to ever happen on Earth is actually like a 3 fold and is the birth of JINPING of China, PUTIN of Russia, TRUMP of USA, their parents not aborting them have and will continue o kill more people then any natural diasaster

  19. LodiTX says:

    The worst one would be the one which I experienced.

  20. Richard Munzo says:

    Holy shit earthquakes kill more people than people are born fuck

  21. Nini Sophie says:

    Volcanic eruption

  22. MALACHI PHIRI says:


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