Trill – Farm Fresh Healthy ZBNF and Organic Food

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Trill is an app where you can order ZBNF and organic fruits , vegetables, Grocery and snacks that are 100% chemical free with no ripening agents and preservatives .We believe healthy unadulterated food is the most essential part of our daily lives .

Why Trill ?

To meet the constant heavy demand of food essentials suppliers have been using ripening agents to ripe fruits and vegetables in a shorter span of time . Chemicals and coloring agents to give fruits and vegetables a natural color and prolonged freshness to increase there shelf life . Trill provides 100 % chemical free products at very affordable prices. Along with fruits and vegetables we also offer a wide variety of other organic food items like papad , pink salt , daals , pulses , pickle , all types of edible oil , ghee , rice and much more and the best part all these are organic as well.

Trill sources all the ZBNF and Organic produces directly from farmer and connect customer to farmer if for quality confirmation. Our vision to make make chemical free food to reach to across the society with affordable price.

Price List of Few Items :
Tomatoes 1kg: Rs.15
Ladies Finger 0.5Kg : Rs.25
Potato 1Kg : Rs.40
Brinjal 1kg : Rs.25
Orange : Rs.80
Coconut 1pc : Rs.30
Papaya 1kg : Rs.32
Banana 0.5 Kg: Rs.45

Prices and products may vary slightly depending on seasonality and availability .

Currently we only deliver in Bangalore in the following locations :
Bangalore South
Ring Road,
Electronics City
Balagere Panthur Road
Jp Nagar
Gokulam , Kanakapura Road

Still in doubt ? See what are customers have to say :
” Delivered on time. Veggies, fruits and pulses was very tasty and good quality ”
” Wow great app … Love more and more ZBNF directly from farmer …. good work ”
” Orders yesterday and received in morning..very fresh and my grand ma like taste, her comment she had l this type banana around 25 years back in village ”
” Excellent platform to connect farmers with consumer and having good quality of food without pesticides.. It will definitely improve farmers condition.. ”

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