TROPICAL URBAN PERMACULTURE: Costa Rica’s Oldest Community Garden

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This urban food forest & market garden in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica, can be considered a landmark for the city since it is the oldest to date. We get to visit with Santiago Miranda, our new friend who is native to this paradise of a country. Santiago is the founder of Molinos Verdes de Moringa, a permaculture-focused foundation that shares regenerative development knowledge.

To learn more about Santiago & his projects –

Over the past few weeks, we have taken you on an amazing tour through some incredible permaculture farms throughout Costa Rica & as we wrap up – Santiago will be sharing some of the best parts of food production in the city. Be sure to stick around (& subscribe) – we still have more to come!

To see the full Costa Rica Series playlist –

We still have more content from our Costa Rica Permaculture Farm Tour Adventure! We hope you stick with us! It’ll be well worth it!

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16 Responses

  1. Lee Garner says:

    So good to see communities working together,this is how its done.

  2. martysgarden says:

    Love the hat Green Dreams.
    I have micro urban permaculture garden here in Australia that pumps out a ton of food daily.
    Great to see the old garden,,,and even better to see that it's still going.
    Community like this is brilliant
    Happy Garden from Australia
    Marty Ware

  3. Simon Bennett says:

    Wonderful initiative

  4. Molinos Verdes de Moringa says:

    Thanks @Pete Kanaris and familly for this amazing video! really good footage and edition 😉

  5. Apples2Apples Financial says:

    I definitely will. I went to Costa Rica with my wife a couple of years ago. I loved it! I didn’t like all the dirt roads with car sized pot holes though. Haha. Good people and so much good fruit and food. Enjoy and stay safe.

  6. Zachary Galliford says:

    Loving the tour videos!! My wife and I are planning a trip next year for sure!!

  7. will mckeen says:

    Hey Pete, did he use a pump to supply the garden with water or did he lift up the cistern? curious to know if gravity works and how far. Thanks

  8. Tom Boyle says:

    Hey Pete! is that your back yard at home at 5:09 in this video?

  9. mrsgbee says:

    Santiago is inspirational. Look forward to more, thank you Pete. Blessings.

  10. Jeff says:

    Santiago is great ! Awesome vid–Thanks, Pete ! Love Katuk…

  11. Andrea Wisner says:

    I think John Kohler introduced me to Santiago a couple days ago! Have you seen John around? You guys seem to be on the same trip.

  12. Misses Donaldson says:

    Loving all your Costa Rica footage Pete, Thanks for taking us along, can you Pls post a link to the website Santiago’s mentioned Thanks so much

  13. thechief762 says:

    Sad to see the amount of crime protection required on houses and this garden in the city.

  14. Cheryl Leito says:

    Love this. But what's that about a rat killer tree? I'm very interested and hope you can provide a scientific name for it.

  15. Apples2Apples Financial says:

    Love it! Thank you for sharing.

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